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Get a New Car Every Season with an Auto Subscription Service

car subscriptions

Almost every household has a car – it’s become a common necessity if you want to go out and enjoy a ride, or to go to a specific place. But you can’t drive just any car. Your car needs to be high performing, fun to drive, and, importantly, seasonally appropriate. Try driving a two-door convertible in the worst weeks of winter; it’s definitely not a fun experience.

Imagine you had the ability to drive a new exotic car each season – especially if it wouldn’t cost you more money than if you were to just stick with one? Well, there’s some good news: it’s now very much a real possibility, thanks to the concept of an auto subscription service, which lets you swap cars on a seasonal basis, paying only for the monthly service. It’s like a lease, only more flexible!

car subscription

An auto subscription service can let you choose whichever vehicles you want when a new season shows up – an SUV in the winter and a convertible in the summer. You can select which payment plan fits your lifestyle, and you can also have the option of renewing the vehicle throughout multiple seasons, or cancelling the service altogether. It’s low stakes, low commitment.

Your vehicle options, if you go through the best car subscription services, like AUTO ONE Group’s Drive, will be numerous. There’s lots to choose from, though each vehicle will have to be given for specific budgets in mind, so having a normal 4 door or a compact car may be a better fit if you are live by yourself, or an SUV will better fit if you both have a larger budget and a larger household.

You can use this seasonal approach to driving to save yourself some money, as well. When you drive a new car each season, you can prioritize the summer, for instance, where one of the more important choices regarding transportation is to not just driving a car that fits the season, but also one that is inexpensive. A more modestly priced car might be beneficial in summer, because it lets you prioritize other things like bills for the A/C keeping the house cool, food spent to keep a household from being at an empty stomach, or if you plan on going somewhere nice for your vacation.

While leasing and traditional financing still certainly has its place – especially among people who want to feel a sense of ownership over their vehicle – using an auto subscription service is more customizable and, in the long run, possibly cheaper. Car subscription services allow you to drive a different car each season, meaning that you can tailor your ride to the quality of the weather outside.

Car subscriptions are still relatively rare in North America, but if you find one in your area, pounce on the opportunity. Not only will you be rewarded with more choice and better vehicles, but you also get to save money while you’re at it.