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4 Reasons to Try Contactless Security ID Cards

4 Reasons to Try Contactless Security ID Cards

Contactless security technology is one of the most popular new innovations in security ID card readers. This kind of system is easy to use, intuitive and provides a number of benefits that are easy for any company manager to appreciate as soon as contactless card readers are put to use. Here are 4 of the top reasons why you should upgrade to proximity card reading capabilities at your place of work:

Faster Access to Work Areas

There’s no employer on earth that can’t appreciate a new invention that is able to contribute to an increase in the amount of work that their employees are able to accomplish in a single day. Proximity card readers make things quicker because they allow personnel to establish their credentials within seconds.

Better Cleanliness

In today’s world, social hygiene is becoming more important than ever before. We all know that physical currency tends to contain an atrocious amount of germs including bacteria and other microbes. Using contactless payment cards doesn’t just allow people to avoid touching money, it also prevents the spread of germs by allowing people to avoid the use of pin pads.

Using proximity access ID cards in security situations works the same way: when employees or guests are issued their very own security ID card, they do not need to worry about it exchanging many hands each day. Proximity readers ensure that the highest security credentials can be upheld without the need for each person to make contact with the same machine.

Digital Data Transfers

Due to the fact that security ID cards are encoded with digital information, there is a variety of data that can be transferred with proximity cards using contactless card readers. While the amount of data that each card can carry is limited due to the fact that it is not built primarily as a data storage device, it can carry a substantial amount of personal information to help employees manage services within a computerized system at work.

Your Security ID Card Printer Already Has Contactless Card Printing Capabilities

One of the best investments that any company owner can make for their business is to purchase a security ID card printer in order to ensure the safety of employees and assets. Deciding on the printer that your company requires will depend on the amount of personnel you employ and the number of new cards that you expect to require through each year.

If your company is already in possession of a security ID card printer, talk to your supplier to determine whether you are already capable of making contactless security cards. Organizations that utilize printers with a high capacity and fast printing speed are more likely to be capable of printing proximity cards. In that case, all you may need to do is to order the right cards and a contactless reader for access control points.

Whether or not your company is already using a security ID card system, you can get in touch with a top supplier to find out more about support for proximity card reading.