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5 Steps to Creating a Motivated and Cooperative Sales Team

5 Steps to Creating a Motivated and Cooperative Sales Team

Hiring assessment isn’t the only thing that a sales manager has to be great at, you also have to ensure that your team stays focused and motivated. While you might want to introduce a healthy level of competition in order to foster motivation at your company, you also need to ensure that competition isn’t getting in the way – especially when long-term campaigns require a cooperative angle.

1)    Offer a Competitive Compensation Package

If you want a motivated team, then you need to know that they’re happy with the compensation that you’re offering to them. The only way to be sure that they’ll be happy is to remain informed about the minute changes that occur throughout the sales industry. Let’s face it, this would take an enormous amount of research and you have more important tasks to focus on. Hire a sales recruiter to get advice on whether your compensation is appropriate.

2)    Build Trust

A sales team that believes in your company will be one that’s dedicated to achieving results. Don’t make offers that you’ll hold back on in the future. If you can’t offer a raise at a specific time, then you’d better be sure you don’t tease your employees by talking about one. If you offer bonuses for special achievements, find a polite way to make sure that everybody knows that those who earned these bonuses actually got them.

3)    Be Transparent About Company Goals

If your sales team has a clear understanding of your company’s goals, then they’ll feel the excitement of each stage that it takes to reach that goal. They’ll also gain a sense of belonging to a company that’s doing successful work. If you need help building a stronger sense of company branding that’s clear to your employees, you can click here for more info on how to get in touch with a sales recruiter who can easily accommodate to that task.

4)    Ask For Their Input

No matter how much your employees respect you, don’t lose sight of the fact that you’re their boss and that power dynamic can get uncomfortable on the best of days. You can show your employees that you value their opinion while also gaining direct insight into how they’re really feeling by asking for direct reports on how they like to be managed.

5)    Address Issues Head-on

Your employees will value direct confrontation rather than a manager that skirts around issues. If you aren’t up to the task of addressing conflict in your own office, then you won’t seem like a good person to manage a high-stakes sales campaign. When you spot a problem, be sure to deal with it with immediacy.

No matter how great you are at finding talented sales people, no level of sales skills or talent is going to be worth it if your team isn’t motivated to excel at their jobs. Talk to a sales recruiter to get advice on whether you’re offering the atmosphere that your team needs to succeed.