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Become a Licensed California Real Estate Agent in 4 Simple Steps

how to be a real estate agent california

In California, growth is a way of life. Nothing bears testament to this so much as its booming economy and the remarkable growth of its largest cities.

Becoming a real estate agent in California is a great way to take advantage of the state’s many exciting regional markets, so if you are looking for a career change or are simply curious about the possibility of real estate as a secondary source of income, here are the four steps it takes to become a practicing real estate agent in California.

1. Take the Online California Real Estate Course

California real estate law is complicated, which is why you should prepare yourself to take the real estate licensing exam by taking California real estate classes. These classes will help give you a grounding in the legal and practical aspects of buying and selling real estate in California and will help ensure that you pass the exam on your first try.

There are several ways to take these classes, but most aspiring real estate agents take the course online, as this allows them to work at their own pace without having to quit their day job.

2. Pass the California Real Estate Salesperson Exam

Passing the California real estate exam is one of the most important requirements for your real estate license in California and it is designed to make sure that licensed salespeople understand the complexities of California real estate law and how it applies to the buying and selling of residential and commercial properties.

Before you can take the exam, you need to apply for exam time, date, and location. Once your application has been processed, you will be contacted with the information about when and where you are scheduled to take the exam.

The exam itself consists of 150 multiple-choice questions, which you will have three hours and fifteen minutes to answer. The minimum passing grade is seventy percent.

3. Apply for your Real Estate Salesperson License

Once you have passed the salesperson exam, you will automatically be given a Salesperson License Application, which will allow you to actually start working as a real estate agent. This application involves a few different security measures, including fingerprinting, and once it has been filled out and processed, your license will be mailed to you or to your sponsoring broker.

4. Find a Brokerage

In order to work as an independent real estate salesperson in California, you need to pass the California broker exam, which is why real estate agents work under a broker while they learn the trade and develop a professional reputation. Some people interested in entering the real estate industry find a broker to sponsor them for their real estate license application, while others go through the licensing process first and look for a broker to work under second.

Those who follow the latter route will not be able to use their real estate license until they find a brokerage that will take them on, so finding a good brokerage should be the first priority of anyone seeking to build a career as a real estate agent.

If you are interested in the real estate industry, no state can offer the same range and diversity of properties as California. From the Sacramento Valley to Venice Beach, the Golden State has it all. Getting your California real estate license is the best way for ordinary Californians to carve out a slice of the lucrative real estate market, so get in touch with a California real estate license school and start the process today.