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Close a Deal On Your Next Sales Call with These Tips In Mind

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Following up is perhaps the most important part of the sales process. But it’s quite rare that it’s the most frequent part of one’s sales job. Not many people – even the most talented of sales representatives – are able to close on the first call.

It’s likely that you’ll have to phone and follow up on a lead a number of times before arriving at the point where you can officially close the deal and declare yourself victorious.

The phone is still one of the most effective ways to connect with prospective clients. It’s personal and you can accomplish a lot more in a 5-minute phone conversation that you can with an email.

Here are some recruiter tips to make the best follow-up sales calls:

Get Commitment for the Follow-up Call

One of the most important ways to set yourself up for a successful follow-up sales call is to get a commitment from the prospect to speak again; you can always close more deals with better follow-up routine. Indeed, follow-ups are where the magic happens.

When you call they will be expecting to hear from you. It’s also necessary to set a precise agenda for the upcoming call, so the prospect knows what to expect and you’re not catching them off-guard with your final and most important sales pitch.

Make a Call Mid-Week

phone sales techniques that close

The best time to make follow up calls is mid-week. Book appointments and plan to call prospects on Wednesday or Thursday.

Mondays and Fridays are usually the worst days to call, as people are busy getting started and finishing the work week and coming down from the bliss of their weekend plans.

The Start or End of the Day is your Best Bet

When your call is important. You need to catch prospects at the exact right time. This means that it’s important to call them when they’re available and receptive to speaking with you – i.e. in the right headspace and situated in a quiet office where the call can unfold.

In this sense, the beginning or end of the day is best. People have more time when they are just getting their day started or winding down. Try to avoid calling during lunch, given that you’ll be interrupting precious mealtime that is short in supply – forcing people to rush through their lunch is, of course, an aggravating experience.

Call at the Appropriate time

This is very important. Always respect your prospect’s time. If you are late for the call, there is a chance they won’t pick up. It could also get your call off to a rocky start.

Call and Call Again!

Closing the deal on the first follow-up call is not likely. It often takes a series of follow-up calls before prospects trust you and are ready to buy. It’s estimated you should make at least 5 calls before you move on to other prospects.