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3 Tips to Finding the Best Music School for Your Child

music school for kids

For many parents, the music education your child receives at their public or private school is not adequate. Because of this, many children aren’t able to develop their musical talents fully, instead, being subjected to classroom situations that focus on the whole group instead.

This is why finding the right extracurricular music school for your child is essential. Being able to provide them with an environment where they can not only have individual attention, but also be pushed towards collaborative goals with other students is the way to ensure that your child is able to develop their musical talents and enthusiasm effectively.

However, finding a proper music school for your child within large metropolitan areas such as the Greater Toronto Area can be difficult. It’s important to find a place that will be able to accommodate your busy schedule and the busy schedule of your family, but there are often so many options that it’s difficult to know just where to begin!

The good news is that your search process doesn’t have to be lengthy. To help you find the right place for your child, here are some important elements to consider when choosing a school.

#1. Flexible Hours and Scheduling

music school for kids

Making sure that the school you pick is able to accommodate your busy schedule is essential. The right music school will be able to adapt to any type of flexibility you require. For example, certain schools will offer flexible lesson times week to week, allowing you to free up certain days as needed.

The best music schools will also be open 7 days a week, making it possible to book lessons on the weekends — when there’s more time available.

#2. Experienced Professionals in a Variety of Fields

music school for kids

An instructor with a university degree in music is a general sign of being very experienced, but you wouldn’t want someone who specializes in opera teaching your child how to master contemporary musical styles.

This is why it’s important to find a school that will give you access to teachers who are experienced in a variety of musical fields, allowing you to let your child focus on whichever type of music they prefer. Visit Torontoartsacademy.com to see what a fully-staffed music school looks like with over 25 instructors specializing in a range of instruments — including piano, guitar, drums, and vocal coaching as well. They’ve been selected as Toronto’s Best Music School each year since 2014 (by both Top Choice and Consumer’s Choice), making them a reliable choice as well.

#3. Good Security Precautions

music school for kids

Dropping your child off at a music school should come with the peace of mind knowing safety precautions are in place. The best music schools understand this, and will have cameras in each room feeding back into the main lobby, office staff on hand during lesson times, and verified police checks on all instructors. And, in the event that an emergency happens, it’s important that the music school you choose also has an open-door policy so you can collect your child at any time.

If you’re looking for the right school for your child’s musical education, follow the above criteria and you’ll be well on your way to making the ideal choice.