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7 Burger Joints You Gotta try

best burger joints

If someone were to ask you what the quintessential food that represents American cuisine what would you answer with? Probably wouldn’t take you too long to think, would it—most likely, you’d say burgers.

One of the great things about burgers is there’s no one state that does them better than the others. There are so many great burger places across the country, these are seven places that serve some of the most mouth-watering burgers you simply have to try.


  • Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer, located in New York, New York offers burgers, craft beer and milkshakes in a distinctly SoHo-inspired building. In 2016, Black Tap was awarded the Time Out Magazine’s People’s Choice award for “Best Burger.”


  • Hop’s Burger Bar, located in Greensboro, North Carolina, serves burgers, sandwiches, salads, and craft beers. However, it’s the main focus in the burger; you can try one of their specialty burgers based on different locations and flavors from various cities around the globe, or get creative and build your own burger and choose from a myriad of toping choices.


  • DMK Burger bar, located in Chicago Illinois, this restaurant serves beef, bison, and turkey burgers. If the name rings a bell, it’s probably because you remember it from the time it was on the Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. It’s also won the Best Fries award from Chicago Magazine, and it made it on the 10 Best Burgers in America list by Fox News.
  • Casper’s and Runyon’s Nook—or Casper’s and Runyon’s Shamrocks Irish Nook (what a mouthful)—I located in St Paul, Minnesota. Modeled after an Irish pub, the Nook offers a variety of different pub food and drinks. There’s also live music on certain nights, and they provide free shuttle service from the bar to the Minnesota Wild and Vikings home games.


  • Joe’s Farm Grill, located in Gilbert, Arizona, serves a wide variety of different entrees for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The vast majority of ingredients used by Joe’s Farm Grill are locally sourced from The Farm at Agritopia, as well as other farmers across Arizona—More often than not, the only time Joe’s uses ingredients that aren’t locally sourced is if they can’t get them due to the season.
  • Chris Madrid’s is a Tex-Mex inspired burger joint in San Antonio, Texas. It serves signature burgers as well as Tex-Mex favorites—nachos, and chalupas. They offer a wide range of different burger combinations, from the classic cheeseburger to their Tex-Mex inspired Flaming Jalapeno Cheddar Cheezy burger. Whatever you decide to get, you can wash it all down with either a cold beer or margarita (or both if you’re feeling adventurous).


  • Hodad’s, located in San Diego, California serves burgers, shakes, beer, and wine. Another burger joint that might sound familiar to you, it was also featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. The standard burger is served with mustard, mayo, ketchup, pickle, tomato, lettuce, and onion. But they also have a Guy Fieri-inspired burger for those with a more adventurous palate.