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Your Restaurant Needs This Modern Software

restaurant employee scheduling software

When most people think about restaurants they imagine a chef elegantly preparing food in a chef’s hat, and it’s tempting to think their skill is what makes or breaks the restaurant. But often a restaurant’s economic viability depends on what’s going on behind the scenes. Restaurants are a business, and serving great food in an appealing atmosphere is not enough to make it in this notoriously difficult industry.

One of the ways millennial-owned restaurants across the country are getting assistance is from the latest technology, known as employee scheduling software. Read on to see how employee scheduling software can give the ledgers at your restaurant a boost.

Control Your Costs

The manager-facing dashboard in employee schedule software makes it easy to get a comprehensive understanding of your restaurant’s economic health at a glance. You can breakdown your restaurant’s costs with this handy guide, and apply the recommendations in it after seeing statistical breakdowns of how your own restaurant is faring.

The manager-facing dashboards in employee scheduling software clearly display vital stats such as total sales, labor costs, labor as a percentage of income — all the stats can easily be compared to the past week, month and year, and they are all updated in real time. This way, managers and executives always have the fullest and most current understanding of your restaurant’s economic health.

Excellent Schedules in Minutes, Not Hours

Improving the finances of any business is all about finding efficiencies, and keeping your staff focused on their actual job instead of wasting time trying to organize when they’ll work in the future is a direct win for your restaurant’s budget.

Employee scheduling software reduces the amount of time it takes to create a schedule all your staff will love by as much as 80%, while telephone calls and text messages sent in an effort to create the schedule get reduced by up to 70%. This software has a direct, measureable impact on your restaurant’s budget, as it is able to reduce your restaurant’s labor costs by as much as 1-3%.

Budget-Saving Notifications

Employee scheduling software helps keep your labor costs down by ensuring you comply with labor laws and never accidentally schedule someone for overtime. Before a manager is about to schedule a staff beyond their 40 hours a week, they’ll get a notification alerting them that if they continue, this staff member will qualify for being paid time and a half.

This helps shifts get dispersed evenly, prevents staff burnout, and also helps reduce unnecessary costs. Employee scheduling software can also help you comply with labor laws and enforce mandatory breaks, which prevents your restaurant with getting hit with fines.

New technology hits the market all the time, but it’s important to only adopt what will actually be an effective solution for your business. Employee scheduling software has become the operational backbone in restaurants across North America, and it could make the same impact for yours too.