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Take Mental Health into Your Own Hands

Take Mental Health into Your Own Hands

Finally, after years of negative stigmatization, more people are talking candidly about mental health. It’s hard to overstate the broad influence of mental health — it touches on every aspect of life and never fully goes away.

We all experience downs sometimes, but if you’re facing something deeper and longer lasting, you may need professional assistance. If it comes to that, that’s what you should pursue! But for smaller issues, let’s check out a few things you can do alone to improve how you feel daily.

Medical Cannabis

Modern research confirms what people have known for millennia: cannabis can help treat a wide range of symptoms and conditions. Research into the endocannabinoid system helps us understand how THC and CBD bond with endocannabinoids like anandamide, which regulates things like mood and sleep.

Pharmacies near you have the latest medical cannabis products, and their cannabis-trained pharmacists will authorize the right product, strain, and dosage level for you. Follow credible medical advice closely throughout your cannabis journey, as there are various forms of the medicine and multiple ways to take it.

Sleep More

Some people believe it’s wise to spend money where you spend time. Considering we spend roughly one-third of our life asleep, buying a solid mattress and comfortable sheets might be worth it.

Getting a longer, better sleep can vastly improve your mood. On the flip side, nobody feels good when they’re sleep-deprived. Anything you can do to get better sleep can only help serve to improve how you feel.

Connect Deeply with Art

Many people come home tired from work and watch TV for escapism. If this is what makes you feel good, do it! But there’s an unbelievable amount of inspiration and bliss to be had from connecting deeply with art.

If you have a favourite actor or director, make it a point to watch other highly regarded films they’ve made. Listen to musicians who your favourite musicians love. You don’t need to have a high-brow, snobby attitude!

Just engage with art proactively and dig a little deeper to find things you didn’t know you didn’t know about.

Friends Are Precious

There’s nobody who knows you and has your back like your friends, who, after all, are the family you choose. Whether they live down the street from you or across the world in a different time zone, there are lots of ways to stay connected.

Write long emails or even letters instead of texting or calling. Letter-writing is a lost art! For centuries, it was the dominant form of correspondence and was considered high technology.

Use your phone to do a face-to-face video chat if you want. Changing it up may be its own form of excitement. Write deeply about important things to people you care about, and you’re sure to feel a mood improvement.

A clinically depressed person can’t just modify their behaviour a bit and go on like everything is fine. However, hopefully, one of these methods helps to boost how you feel. We could all use a lift, right?