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4 Tips to Prep Your A/C for Winter

4 Tips to Prep Your A/C for Winter

Home Appliances have made us immeasurably more comfortable in our homes by doing things like regulating indoor temperatures, washing our clothes quickly, or cooking food with consistent heat generated with the press of a button.

Air conditioning feels like it works effortlessly, and we might not give it much thought during the winter when outdoor temperatures drop. But if you take some steps to keep your A/C in good working order during the winter, it’ll work better and last longer when you need it.

You should have a satisfying answer to the question did you winterize your conditioner this season, so here are four steps you can take to get a better performance out of your A/C unit and lengthen its lifetime.

1.    Remove Natural Detritus

If you have central air, the outdoor fans will be exposed to the natural elements. As a part of your annual maintenance routine, before winter you should clear anything from the fan that could make it dirty, like grass clippings, twigs, leaves or anything else.

You won’t want anything to dirty or clog it up. Along the same lines, you can clean the A/C unit with a hose to wash away anything that’s already inside the fan.

2.    Turn Your A/C Off for the Season

Your central A/C system should be turned off for the winter. If you leave it on, there’s a chance that it could turn on automatically during a warm winter day, and the condensation it forms can freeze when the temperature drops below zero.

If your A/C unit is running on a dedicated circuit, turn off the power to the circuit breaker. Otherwise, look for a box or panel near the unit and turn the power to the “off” position. In the spring when you turn it back on, give it 24 hours before running the A/C.

3.    Cover Up Your A/C

Covering your outdoor fan protects it from the elements. Any contaminants that are inside the machine could filter into the air inside your home, so it’s best to keep them out in the first place.

Get a fan cover for your A/C, and make sure that it’s securely fastened so it doesn’t come off during a winter storm. Weigh it down with something heavy if that helps, like a brick or plywood. Keeping up your HVAC system may have implications for increasing the resale value of your home.

4.    Remove or Cover Your Window A/C Unit

It’s not only central air system fans that need to be covered up, but window A/C units too. You can also remove it altogether, but leaving the machine to the elements without protection will shorten its lifespan or could cause it to break down.

It’s natural for people to think less about air conditioning during the fall and winter months, but any important and expensive pieces of equipment you have should be maintained 12 months a year. Keep these four tips in mind, and when the sun is back out in force your A/C will be up to the task.