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Make Your Backyard a ‘Fun’ Backyard

Kid overlooking their jungle gym in the backyard

We can always remember that one friend’s house growing up.

They had the most amazing backyard jungle gym, and you spent hours playing and running around in their backyard. Well why not bring back some of that magic to your own home?

Many things have changed in the past few decades, but one fact is still true, that kids enjoy playing and climbing on swings and slides. No matter what video game system is popular right now, there is something special about a backyard jungle gym. By the way, are your kids still addicted to Fortnight? If so, then check out this guide for parents who think their kids are playing too much.

Make Your Backyard Fun!

No matter what your young kids are into, a swing set in the backyard is going to give them new options to play outside, get some exercise and take a break from the screen time. We know that kids spend way too much time in front of screens throughout the day, and that is especially true this time of year. So the question becomes, how do you make your backyard a fun backyard? These tips will help make sure your kids spend more time outside.

  • Make sure lawn is cut
  • Remove any ‘non kid friendly’ ornaments or decorative pieces
  • Section off any BBQ equipment
  • Have an assortment of balls or lawn games
  • Get a backyard swing set!

Depending on where you live in the country, the amount of time your kids get to play outside may vary. However, in those summer months when you don’t have time to take them to the pool or to a friend’s house, having a fun backyard can be a huge help.

Benefits of Backyard Jungle Gyms

Wondering what a backyard jungle gym is exactly? Jungle gyms generally some kind of monkey bars or hanging component, but in truth a jungle gym is any piece of equipment the kids can climb on. Jungle gyms are great as they generally are comprised of several different components, encouraging kids to try different activities, not just the swing and slides.

backyard jungle gym with slide swings and climbing wall

Growing the confidence to master tough challenges like monkey bars can provide more benefits that just fun and entertainment (although that’s a good start!). So if you are debating between how ‘tough’ to make the jungle gym in your backyard, remember that it’s better to go big now, as those little kids won’t be little for long.

Fun Backyard Activities

From capture the flag to the timeless ‘avoid the lava floor’ game there are lots of ways to keep the kids entertained once there is some structure or play object. It’s amazing how quickly a boring backyard can turn into a fun backyard with a couple upgrades. If you’re curious to see some options, stop by Funscapes Backyard Entertainment Solutions to check see some fantastic backyard jungle gyms your kids will love.

Another benefit of jungle gyms systems is that many can be expanded upon down the road. You can start with a basic swing and slide set and then later add a climbing wall and other components. As your family grows, know that your backyard jungle gym will be able to grow with you!