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Things to Look for in a Concrete Cutting Contractor

construction worker at construction site with hard hat

Concrete is one of the most resistant and long-lasting building materials, which is why it’s used in front entrances, driveways, walkways, backyard patios and more. Its low-maintenance nature makes it particularly useful in the cold climates of Canada. Conversely, these characteristics make it a challenge to remove as well.

Whether your needs are for your home or office, you may have considered hiring a concrete cutting contractor. That said, finding the right one can also be a challenge. Here are some characteristics of a good one:

1. Reputability

With so many to choose from, you want a contractor with a stellar reputation. Look for one that’s been in the business for decades, boasts multiple trade associations, is certified, and offers many references.

2.  Uses the Best Technology

Concrete cutting is complicated. Jobs can vary from large industrial work to small residential projects, involving anything from walls, to floors, foundations, slabs, curbs and more. All these issues require a variety of tools. By choosing concrete cutting experts with the best equipment as your concrete contractors – you minimize the risks associated with the job.

3. Prioritizes Safety

Because of the stubborn nature of concrete, workers may need to use saws, jackhammers, demolitions, excavators, cranes, and more. With such powerful tools, it’s important for contractors to follow safety regulations. Unwanted incidents can result in serious injury and even death.

Moreover, cutting concrete releases a particle named crystalline silica. Also called quartz, this microscopic dust can get lodged in the lungs when inhaled over a prolonged period. In time, it can develop into a condition called silicosis that results in breathing issues. Some workers exposed to crystalline silica even develop cancer. These risks can be significantly lowered if workers have the right protection.

When hiring a contractor, ask about their safety policy and certifications. The safety and well-being of employees should be a top priority.

4. Environmentally Friendly

Because a contractor’s tools require a lot of energy, they can also emit fumes and gases that are bad for the environment. Thankfully, newer concrete removal tools are more environmentally friendly. You can do your part by choosing a contractor that believes in low emissions and fuel efficiency.

Some contractors can recycle slurry, which is a harmful byproduct of construction. They do so by dehydrating it down to dust. This dust can be compacted into bricks, or easily disposed of.

When shopping for a contractor, ask about their environmental policies. With a little care, your contractor can easily lower their ecological footprint.

5. Is Insured and Licensed  

Life can be unpredictable. Despite a contractor’s best efforts, the job can still be hazardous. For your safety and theirs, it’s best for them to be insured in the unlikely event of injuries or property damage.

6. Offers Excellent Customer Service

Before starting the project, your contractor should address all questions to your satisfaction and give you a fair and accurate cost and time estimate. Meanwhile, you should be accommodating to their needs, so their work is completed unhindered. And once the job is done, pay them on time and leave a good review on their website. Your endorsement will help others find a reliable contractor.