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Your Lawn Won’t Look Great If You Make These 6 Mistakes

Your Lawn Won’t Look Great If You Make These 6 Mistakes

Nothing pleases homeowners more than coming home to a healthy and beautiful looking lawn. A well-maintained lawn can keep you cooler, improve air quality, reduce allergies and diseases, increase your property value, and be the envy of the neighbourhood.

However, a lawn can be challenging to maintain for inexperienced homeowners. If you’re trying your best, but your lawn doesn’t look as good as other lawns on your block, then you could be making the following mistakes:

#1 You’re Mowing Too Deep

Make sure that your lawnmower isn’t cutting too deep. Ideally, your grass should be standing at 3 inches or so. If your grass is too short, it won’t be able to absorb the sunlight or water it needs to flourish.

#2 You’re Watering Too Much

Many homeowners make the mistake of overwatering their lawn when it’s looking unsightly with the belief that more is always better. Unfortunately, when you water too much, you can drown the grass. Just like water, plants need oxygen to grow. When they’ve drowned, their pores are filled with water and they’re unable to get the oxygen they need. There are many ways to identify an overwatered lawn.

  • Brown patches
  • Compacted soil under trees
  • Necrotic Ring Spot
  • Mould
  • Root rot
  • Dead Soil
  • Excess insects

#3 You’re Watering Too Little

Your grass needs 1.5 inches of water a week. If you don’t water enough, the water will evaporate before reaching the roots, leaving the lawn malnourished. Signs of dehydrated grass include rolled-up blades, greyish colour, and wilting leaves.

#4 You’re Watering Too Late in the Day

It’s tempting to water your lawn when you get home from work at the end of the day or in the afternoon during your lunch break. This is usually the wrong time to water the lawn. In the afternoon, when it’s hot, water can evaporate before it reaches the roots while at night, water can sit on the grass and drown it.

Usually, the best time is to water your lawn is before the sun comes out. However, this can depend on the season, the layout of your house, and the angle of the sun.

#5 You Don’t Have a Sprinkler System

Clearly, finding the ideal time to water your lawn can be challenging. That’s why many homeowners use sprinkler systems for the convenience and the best results. When investing in a sprinkler system, buy from the right source.

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#6 You’re Not Applying Fertilizer Correctly

When you apply the right fertilizer at the right time in the correct amount to your lawn, it can grow green and healthy. However, if you apply the cheap variety, too much, or too little, you can do more harm than good. Not only can it hurt your grass, but it can also pollute nearby greenery.

Every homeowner wants a healthy lawn, but it takes time, effort, and research. By taking advantage of professional help and technology, you can avoid mistakes and make your task easier.