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5 Reasons Why Lobster Makes a Great Christmas Dinner

Winter Lobster Season is the Better Lobster Season

When it comes to Christmas dinner, there are families that want everything to be the same each and every year: nothing but turkey and their same old classic side dishes. Then there are those who prefer to mine up old European traditions, such as ham, duck or even goose as the centerpiece. But if you like to think outside the box and your family is getting tired of all of the same fare year after year, you might want to try out serving something entirely new.

1)    Create a New Tradition

Those who are eager to try out new things usually enjoy pushing their special Christmas time meals in a whole new direction. These are the people who create the new traditions that we all grow to love and uphold. If you’re eager to try out a new recipe this year at Christmas but also don’t want to take the risk that your family might not enjoy something they’ve never tried before, why not pick a special meal that is guaranteed to please: hard-shelled Atlantic lobster!

2)    Winter Lobster Season is the Better Lobster Season

In most places where lobster is fished in the north Atlantic, the lobster fishery runs on two lobster seasons. One occurs during the early spring or summer and one occurs during the winter. The exact dates depends entirely on the rules of that particular fishing zone within each state. Why is this important to you? Because when you’re buying lobster for a special occasion, you want to be sure that you’re getting the very best. Lucky for you, it’s the winter season that yields hard-shelled Atlantic lobster, the most prized kind of lobster in the world.

3)    Get Lobster Delivered Anywhere

Wait a minute, if you read all of this thinking that you’d love to eat lobster at Christmas if you could only get quality lobster where you live then there’s no reason for you to give up. That’s because you can now order live Maine lobster shipped direct to you no matter where in America that you live. The secret to the best-tasting lobster is to cook it as fresh as possible, so there’s no better time to try out hard-shelled Atlantic lobster delivered right to your door at any time of the year.

4)    Great Winter Recipes

While lobster is often associated with summer cook-outs, there are also a wonderful variety of winter recipes that include lobster. So if your family just can’t do without its turkey, you might consider introducing a lobster chowder or bisque as a side dish at Christmas, just to get them interested.

5)    Mix and Match

Another great way to introduce lobster into your Christmas fare is to do a surf and turf. That way, you’ll be able to enjoy a wonderful variety and please every picky eater. You might want to stick to the traditional steak and lobster version, or even try out one of the more usual Christmas entrees like ham or turkey.

Now that you can get lobster delivered, it’s time to try something new. Who knows, maybe within a few years they’ll be asking for it as the main course. When you use a green garnish, you’ll also have your Christmas colors covered!