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All the Ways Design Agencies Can Help Sell Your Art

All the Ways Design Agencies Can Help Sell Your Art

Whether you’re a dedicated hobbyist or a professional artist, if you want to make a viable living creating art it’s not enough to produce excellent work. The fact is that competition is so vast that even truly great art fails to stand out. So many writers and musicians are trying to make it! Here are some of the ways that artists can benefit by working with design agencies.

Understanding Partnerships

Many artists get anxious or hesitant when it comes to self-promotion, so it’s helpful to entrust this vital part of the commercial process to marketing experts. But beyond that, designers are artists in their own right! They have an innate understanding of what you’re trying to do — both the art itself and the process you’re going through of trying to make your passion project commercially viable.

If you connect with a professional design agency like Cosmic Design you’ll get the understanding partnership you need — look for a smaller boutique agency where you get to work with the designers and creative teams themselves, rather than middlemen. The process should feel like working with your own in-house design team.

Close Collaboration with Experienced Professionals

Once you’ve found a small agency you can work closely and directly with staff, see that they have experience working with artists. It’s a good sign if they’ve worked successfully with magazines or cultural events, like film, theatre or musical productions.

The artists you hire should have experience successfully helping other artists in your field. This may mean writers, musicians, theatre actors, and others.

Understanding the Contemporary Marketing Landscape

Marketing and branding are fast-moving industries, and it’s important to work with people at the forefront of the change. Technology and social media trends change quickly, and the people you work with need to be up on the latest trends. Design agencies have all the understanding and skills you need to get your project off the ground, including illustration, video, branding, advertising, and digital.

They can strategize with you about what will best suit your marketing needs, and then deliver it for you. At the same time, they are also experts in the foundations of print advertising, which actually plays a larger role in digital advertising than may be commonly thought.

Digital channels are used to amplify an ad, but the images themselves still need to be designed, and this takes old-fashioned know how. If you hire a design agency, you’ll get the best of both worlds.

Artists pour their heart and soul into their works, and sometimes it can be hard afterwards to find the energy to make sure that it sells. Or perhaps they still subscribe to the outdated notion that the mixture of art and commerce is sordid. Realistically, there’s no sense in working so hard on a project you love, only to deprive your potential audience of enjoying it. Hiring a design studio is a great way to make sure that your project connects with the people who will love it while helping to turn your art into a viable career.