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Finding Work/Life Balance

work life balance

For some people, the best part of the day is the moment they get home from work, change out of their work clothes, and get to relax and unwind.

However, for others, it can be difficult to pry themselves away from their desk. They’re always trying to get to the next stage of their career, achieve the next milestone, get the next promotion, get the next raise, get the bigger office, get their name on the wall, the list goes on.

For those people, it can be tough to find a balance between work and life. Below is a list of tips to help take your mind off work and enjoy yourself.

Enjoy the Moment

A common fear among many people is the fear they’ll reach the end of their life and regret how they spent it. A great way to avoid this fear becoming a reality is taking the time to enjoy the ride and live in the moment.

Rather than thinking of the future, or living in the past, it’s important to just be in the present. Don’t think about the next day’s work meeting when you’re on a night out with your friends, don’t obsess over that looming deadline during a dinner with your family, don’t spend your kid’s birthday party scrolling through your work emails—enjoy the moment; be present. Don’t worry about tomorrow; enjoy today.

Celebrate Your Achievements

For many people who struggle with prying themselves away from their work life, part of the problem lies in their inability to celebrate their achievements.

They don’t allow themselves to enjoy their accomplishments, which leads to a dissatisfaction they try to fill with more achievements, thus perpetuating the cycle.

Rather than focusing on the next goal, take the time to celebrate the one you just achieved—whether that means getting cozy and watching a movie with some snacks, enjoying a night out with your significant other, or taking a trip to a place you’ve been wanting to visit, allow yourself the time and energy to enjoy what you’ve already accomplished before starting on that next goal.

Schedule Personal Time

There are so many things we tend to prioritize in our work life, but unfortunately the same isn’t always true of our personal lives.

For many of us, our phone calendar is often littered with memos and appointments related to work. There are often hundreds of meetings, and tasks that are work-related, but how often do we include personal time in our schedules?

The idea might even seem laughable to some people, but it’s important. Just as it’s important to schedule work events, it’s also important for us to schedule personal time.

Pencil in a reminder to read that book you’ve been curious about, or see that movie you’ve been dying to see, or visit that country you’ve always wanted to, or try that new restaurant you’ve had your eye on, or see that friend you’ve been thinking about—no matter what it is, if it’s important to you make the time for it on your schedule.