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Online Piano Lessons: New Teaching Methods for an Old Instrument

why online piano lessons are enjoyed so much

It may be hard to believe, but when the piano was first invented, many people thought it was a form of cheating. This was because the players themselves didn’t pluck the strings, like a violinist. Rather, pianists hit the keys which caused a hammer to pluck the strings. Of course, the piano is now respected as a musical instrument, as the times have definitely changed popular perceptions.

Likewise, it may be hard to believe that many students prefer online piano lessons because historically people were taught in person. Of course, they were: the internet didn’t exist yet! Here are a few reasons why online piano lessons are enjoyed so much.

Important Way to Learn Music

The piano is often considered the best instrument to learn first because the notes are physically arranged in chronological order, from lowest in pitch to highest. After students learn the keyboard, they can apply their understanding to other instruments, where notes are arranged according to a different pattern or schema altogether.

For example, the guitar strings are separated by fourths, and different saxophones have an octave key and notes dispersed along the horn which isn’t always in chronological order. That the notes on the piano are arranged in order so plainly is the reason why so many musicians who play other instruments turn to the piano to work out theoretical concepts or musical harmonies.

Whether you want to continue playing piano for years or use these lessons as a launching pad from which to learn other instruments, it’s very important to absorb the rudiments of music from professional teachers in live lessons.

Wide Selection of Teachers

One of the great virtues of the internet is that it connects the world, and this means you have a bigger pool of teachers to pick from. It’s important that you find a teacher who is a really good match for you. This doesn’t only mean they need expertise in the areas of music you seek to learn, like harmony or composition. You need to get along well!

On a basic level, your teacher should have musical tastes which overlap with yours, but they also need teacher-student chemistry with you. Their personality and teaching style should be a good match for you. You want their passion for music to filter down to you.

Broadening the search should only help you find a teacher who is a properly qualified musician, and who also has a personality that is a good fit with yours.


Learning an instrument online means you can do it from your home! This convenience goes in both directions, as it’s easier for great teachers to commit to lessons when they don’t have to commute to work. It also makes it easier to fit lessons into a busy schedule.

The camera makes it possible for your teacher to see your posture and technique, so they can make any corrections to your fingering that they would if they were sitting beside you.

The piano is a brilliant instrument: you can play melodies and harmony, unlike on a wind instrument, and it’s much easier to accompany yourself with two hands playing distinct parts than it is on a guitar, where the left-hand does all the fretting. Whether you want to learn some basic rock and roll chords, some jazzy comping or Chopin nocturnes, online piano lessons are a convenient and effective way to learn an old instrument.