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Shopping for Food or Growing Your Own?

grow your own veg garden

If by growing your own we mean vegetable garden then yes, that’s exactly what we mean. Not just this day and time because of our economy but any day and time, it makes sense to grow your own food versus shopping for it.

This doesn’t necessarily mean for you to open a local market nor does it mean for you to grow everything you eat. Simply by growing a few select items can save you quite a few bucks each month.

It will save you money that you would normally spend in your gas tank and lessen the trips back and forth to your local grocer. It will also save you the cost of the food you decide to grow and the taxes you would have been charged on the food.

Here’s a big reason to have a small vegetable garden if you’re a mother and go shopping with your children they always see something they have to have. You know exactly what we mean, those impulse buys at the register you didn’t go to the store to buy in the first place, and if you’re shopping less it cuts down on everything.

Plus there is nothing better than having pleasant, fresh and healthy vegetables to eat. Because you grew them yourself you know what pesticides were used if any at all. I know that makes you feel a little better especially if you have children that will be eating the food.

I would like to bring up one last point that is going around commercially, salmonella. It seems as though if you are looking for someone to care about you or what you eat then you have false hopes if you put that hope in the commercial food industry.

On a lighter side if you have thought about how you could contribute to going greener but aren’t sure what to do or how to get started, then growing your own vegetable garden would be perfect for you.

Other incredible advantages of growing your own vegetable garden are vegetables used soon after picking not only have higher vitamin content but in many other ways are superior to those grown commercially.

The greatest difference that is most obviously noticed between homegrown foods and commercially grown foods is the taste. The taste of homegrown foods is so wonderful without a doubt there is no taste contest homegrown wins hands down.

If in fact you do decide to try growing your own vegetable garden and you have limited space available, you should pick the foods that not only interest you but be sure they will grow in your zoning region.

Always make sure you do your homework before you start your project. A few things you should include in your homework are research on the vegetables you pick, when you should plant them, and when they should be picked.

So now you’ve gathered all of your information about your vegetables, you know where you’re going to put your garden (because you drew a plan out); all you need now are the seeds. All the seeds you need may be found at the local hardware store or some grocery stores carry them.

You’ll need to prepare your garden area and possibly rope it off depending upon the foot traffic in the area. Remember, if after you get used to gardening and decide you enjoy it and you decide you would like to continue next year you can keep your garden here year after year. An advantage of leaving your garden in the same place is making the soil in your garden more and more fertile for your vegetables.