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All the Problems That Digital Door Locks Solve

Digital door locks opens the door, pun intended, to a world of convenience. Learn the problems regular keys pose that most people don’t notice anymore.

In many neighborhoods instead of hearing the sound of keys jangling to unlock the front door, you hear four distinct beeps before a subtle buzz that opens the door. Electronic locks are slowly becoming the new normal for many homeowners. Many homeowners enjoy the fact that they no longer have to fumble with their many keys and keychains. Digital door locks open the door, pun intended, to the future, but it’s important to know what problems it will solve before making the switch.

Traditional Key Problems

There’s no difference in what a traditional key does than a digital door lock. It keeps the door secure and locked. However, physical keys can pose some inconveniences like:

  • Key Fumbling

When you’re in a rush with your arms full, it’s hard to reach for your keys in your pocket. And when you do, it can take a minute to find the right key and then another minute to get it into the lock all the while carefully balancing groceries, other bags, or even children.

  • Easily Misplaced

For people who would lose their head if it wasn’t attached to their body, there are occasions when keys go missing either from misplacing it or forgetting the last place it was. In hurried moments, this can eat away at precious time as you run around your home trying to find them in pockets, on tables, or under a shoe.  

  • Spare Keys

It helps that you always know that if you lose your key, there’s one right there under the mat, but it also poses a risk for unwanted people to snoop around your front door and finding it. And if a family member or friend need access to your door, you might have to make more keys and keep track of your other house keys floating around.

  • Key Overload

For a lot of people, their house key isn’t the only key they have. There are shed keys, gym keys, garage keys, keys to other people’s homes, and numerous others. This makes the key fumbling even more difficult – especially if you have lots of keychains!

Digital Door Locks Solutions

With a digital door lock system, most of the problems traditional keys pose are eliminated. There are no keys to fumble with or lose, no need for a spare since there are options to create codes that you can give and take away, and it’s one less key on your keychain collection. 

Types of Digital Door Locks

There are limited designs of digital door locks, which makes it obvious you have one. But companies design their locks to avoid any break-in attempts. With some electric locks, you have access to who tried to unlock your door and how many times. This information can help you manage your codes and keep track of who goes in and out of your home. 

Electric locks connect through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or Z-Wave. Z-Wave locks must be connected to a hub in your home. This hub makes it easy to connect with third-party devices meaning that you can build on the smart tech in your home.