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Is Your Office WiFi Too Slow?

slow wifi

For office workers everywhere, slow WiFi is a perennial problem. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to access an email or check some website information in the middle of a meeting and having to patiently wait for inboxes to refresh and pages to load.

Slow WiFi isn’t just inconvenient; in addition to making workers less productive, it can make your company or organization seem unprofessional or out-of-touch. Over the past decade, WiFi has become an essential office tool, and slow WiFi is the sign of an office that isn’t keeping up with twenty-first-century ways of doing business.

Slow WiFi: A Multifaceted Problem

When confronted with consistently slow WiFi, it is common for managers to try to tackle the problem by limiting usage. In most cases, slow WiFi is caused by an overburdened system that cannot provide sufficient bandwidth to meet user needs. One way to improve WiFi speeds is to make it difficult for people to use video or audio streaming services that tend to dominate bandwidth usage.

This isn’t always possible, however, and in many workplaces, employees need to access streaming sites in order to do their jobs. Policing usage individually can be as time-consuming and wasteful as the slow WiFi is, and monitoring employee Internet usage has its own drawbacks.

Even if you are able to reduce non-work-related WiFi use, this may not be enough in and of itself to provide adequate WiFi speeds. The nature of modern work is such that wireless tools are only becoming more integral to everyday workplace functions. Whatever bandwidth your free up will quickly be occupied by expanded use of tablets, smartphones, wireless printers, and other standard office tools.

Expanding WiFi Capacity is the Most Durable Solution

If your office is struggling with slow WiFi, the best thing to do is go right to the source of the problem and hire work leading network cable installation experts to help you expand your network’s bandwidth capabilities.

Providing expanded access to the Internet is all about having adequate cabling, and network cabling companies are ideally positioned to help you enhance your commercial wireless deployments so that you have sufficient capacity to meet your needs.

In most cases, network cabling companies will start by undertaking a detailed site survey that will ascertain where the weak points are in your current system, and how best it can be improved to offer more and better service to all of your employees.

Following the site survey, network cabling experts will use cutting-edge analysis tools to determine how many new wireless access points should be installed, and where they should be situated for optimal service.

Slow WiFi tends to be one of those problems that sneak up on IT staff and office managers. Because it happens gradually, people usually adapt to changing speeds without thinking about it. For this reason, if you think slow wireless might be inhibiting your team’s ability to perform, consider booking a wireless survey today — if an overburdened system is affecting productivity and credibility, a survey will help you nip the problem in the bud, and is the most important step toward ensuring that you have the WiFi capacity you need.