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How to Fund Your Dream Vacation This Summer

How to Fund Your Dream Vacation This Summer

It’s a tough predicament to be in: you need a vacation from work, but work doesn’t pay quite enough to bankroll the vacation you need. A lot of people are caught in “vacation limbo”, forced to dream of white sand beaches, emerald waters and endless cocktails while they work tirelessly at a job that doesn’t allow for that type of luxury.

It’s time to break free! While work might not be able to provide enough for that dream vacation this summer, there are still easy, concrete steps you can take to bump up your funds. Rather than daydream about getting away, follow these steps and book your big getaway before the chance gets away!

Make Some Minor Day-to-Day Money Adjustments

This might be as simple as making coffee at home – the switch can potentially save you over $3/day, or around $100/month, which quickly accumulates. You can start making all your meals at home, resisting the urge to eat out, and save hundreds in just a month. Or you can take more drastic penny-pinching measures: get rid of cable for a few months, or put a freeze on all non-essential spending. With a few minor adjustments to the way you spend money, you’d be surprised how much extra cash you can make appear, out of seemingly thin air!

Get a Little Luck On Your Side

There’s nothing wrong with courting a bit of luck. Buy yourself a lottery ticket, choose a few numbers that correspond to your dream vacation (the geographical coordinates of the beach you’ve been dreaming of, for example) and summon the power of positivity to help you win big. You can play the Powerball for the smaller prizes – like $100 – and hope to add a little extra spending money to your vacation fund. Or match them all and win over $100 million, in which case you can go on a dream vacation whenever you want. Your entire life could be one long dream vacation!

Pick Up the Odd Job

This doesn’t have to be too strenuous, just a few odd money-making ventures here and there. For instance, there are a number of organizations online that pay you for filling out surveys; it’s mindless, easy work, and while it doesn’t pay a lot, every cent counts. Mow a few lawns, take a few dogs for a walk, paint a couple fences, and drive a couple to the airport – do whatever you have to in order to pad out your travel funds.

Sell What You Don’t Need

Finally – and perhaps most easily – take a quick inventory of what you own, and set aside those items you don’t need. It might be a guitar you never play, or an espresso maker you never use; whatever it is, it’s extra cash that you’re just sitting on. It’s much more useful to you if you sell it, and use that money toward a meaningful experience like traveling.

Just because you don’t make quite enough at your job to fund your dream vacation, it doesn’t mean you don’t deserve it. With a few crafty money manoeuvres, and a little bit of luck, you’ll be sipping a margarita on the beach in no time.