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Trucks Built for Canada’s Winter: the Ford F-150

Trucks Built for Canada’s Winter: the Ford F-150

When a vehicle is required to get your work done, it needs to be able to handle anything. Whether it’s rough terrain or hostile weather, work can’t wait to get finished.

There’s a reason why workers in so many industries have relied on the Ford F-150 for so many years, and new models have all the same toughness that made it so famous in the first place, but with new features to make driving safer and more entertaining.

Read on to learn more about why the Ford F-150 is the perfect truck for the Canadian winter.

Military-Grade Aluminum Alloy

When people say the Ford F-150 is tough, they mean the foundation’s frame is made of a military-grade aluminum alloy and high-strength steel. This is the basis for the best-in-class payload rating.

There is an F-150 to match your specific payload and towing capacity needs, so you can get whatever power the job requires without paying for more than you need. Naturally, a contractor who needs to transport oversized tools has different needs than one hauling heavy building materials — there’s a Ford F-150 for every job.

Find a family-owned car dealership to get the friendliest service and the best rates when financing a Ford F-150, as they often have their own leasing division that can get you rates above and beyond what the manufacturer offers.

Ford Co-Pilot 360

The Ford Co-Pilot suite of advanced technologies will make anyone drive with more confidence while helping to keep everybody on the road safer. For example, the Blind Spot Information System with Trailer Coverage will alert you when there’s a vehicle in your blind spot, so even if you’re towing something as large as a boat, you’ll be able to change lanes on the highway safely.

Hill Descent Control makes it easier and safer to drive downhill when towing a trailer, as the added weight can otherwise make it difficult. The brakes are applied automatically when needed, so you can just focus on driving.

Seamless Connectivity

Contemporary drivers expect modern features while they drive, and the Ford F-150 doesn’t disappoint. The in-vehicle touchscreen and voice activated technology makes it easy to get full use out of your smartphone on the go in a way that’s fundamentally safe.

Stay connected to people, navigate confidently, and listen to all your music without having to take your eyes off the road. Plus, with options for FordPass Connect which turns your vehicle into a Wi-Fi hotspot that can connect 10 devices at once and available Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, today’s Ford F-150 combines the toughness that originally made it famous with cutting-edge technology the modern driver will love.

Your job won’t wait for the weather to improve — your vehicle needs to safely handle the worst of winter. The Ford F-150 can do that while even keeping you entertained and connected; when you need a truck to get through the Canadian winter, get a Ford F-150.