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Projects That Look Gorgeous in Spring Colors

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With the warming of the weather and the melting of the snow comes the promise of pretty pastel colors and playful prints all around us for the spring. With Easter, Mother’s Day, and plenty of birthdays and baby showers to celebrate during the springtime, a spring knitting or crocheting project that looks seasonal yet timeless can be a real treat to undertake.

The springtime is a popular time to indulge in pastel hues and floral prints that remind us of the lovely gardens that are just starting to bloom. But do you tend to look around for color inspiration? Just click on this link to see what the color of the year is and you’ll be surprised by how much can come to mind just by looking at a color. With the season in mind, here are some knitting and crochet projects that you can create with a colorful, spring palette.

Baby Booties

This is a classic knit or crochet project that comes in countless variations and styles. If anyone you know has a little one or a baby on the way, a pair of baby booties makes a lovely and heartfelt gift. Opt for soft, pastel colors that you can use in gender-neutral tones like yellow, green, lavender, or neutrals like a warm cream or grey.

Crochet or Knit Tote Bag

For yourself or for someone you know, a handmade tote bag is a truly unique and versatile accessory. For gift-giving, you can trade a traditional gift bag for a hand-made tote bag that you can fill with smaller items for giving. Go for a pattern and size that matches your needs: pick something large if you’re seeking a bag to take for a long day of errands, or something smaller for a special occasion accessory.

Infinity Cowl

The weather is getting warmer but springtime still comes with a little chill in the air, which makes a lightweight infinity cowl a perfect addition to any wardrobe. You can create one using either crochet or knitting techniques, but a fingering weight is recommended for something that feels right for the weather and looks seasonal, too.

A fingering weight yarn is the same as a #1 super fine weight. You can also find this weight labelled as sock yarn or baby yarn since it also makes for great baby items that are delicate enough for the most sensitive skin

Finding Inspiration on the Catwalk

With so much creativity that goes into an event like New York Fashion Week and the runways around the world, you can always find some color inspiration by looking to the fashion world. This year, the spring/summer 2019 color palette includes uplifting colors and bright hues that are playful, buoyant, and confident.

The colors from New York Fashion Week for spring 2019 include: a warm coral pink, lively turmeric orange, a deep and festive orange red, an intense peacock pink, earthy toffee brown, a royal princess blue, a delicate pinkish lavender, a plant-like yellow-green, and more. You can use these colors as starting points for creating your own color palette, or mix and match some of these fashionable hues for your own personalized take on high fashion.