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5 Eye-catching Tips to make your Tradeshow Display Stand Out

5 Eye-catching Tips to make your Tradeshow Display Stand Out

It’s a trade show exhibitor’s worst nightmare: after investing a great deal of time and money into securing a booth at an industry event — setting goals and objectives, preparing for the event by assembling everything into its right place, and stimulating your staff with enthusiastic pep talks — you look around on opening day to find a key component missing: visitors at your trade show display.

Even with meticulous project management skills and an organized staff, without a compelling trade show booth that effectively grasps the attention of event attendees, all of the effort spent facilitating a display is rendered meaningless if it is empty.

Incorporating eye-catching design work and creative audience engagement can make all the difference to trade show and industry event attendees.

You can learn more from Reveal Marketing Group about how audience engagement can benefit your brand, and in the meantime, look at these five tips on how to make your display stand out.

Experiential Marketing

Experiential Marketing is a strategy based on immersive experiences intended to provoke a memorable, emotional connection between consumers and brands.

Instead of tossing out traditional content and information about your products or services, with experiential marketing, there is an opportunity to strategize creatively to attract event attendees to your display booth.

Take a look at this example from Facebook.

They created the pop-up Facebook IQ event, which was comprised of life-sized installations and demonstrations of what the social media giant offers to its consumers, such as the IQ Mart, a fake retail setting that demonstrated how online shoppers use social media to inform their buying decisions.

In order for marketers to truly understand the moments that consumers constantly share through social media, the idea was to immerse marketers and consumers alike in tangible physical spaces, where people could experience the brand firsthand.

Experiential marketing is better managed with a knowledgeable team of experts who maximize your brand’s awareness called Brand Ambassadors.

Brand Ambassadors

A brand ambassador can be anything from:

  • DJs
  • Event managers
  • Emcees
  • Models
  • Team Leaders
  • Photographers & Videographers
  • Much more

Brand ambassadors facilitate person-to-person interaction with event attendees, providing personality to your business and tradeshow display booth.

At industry events, brand ambassadors develop strategies to heighten your presence at any event by creating pop-up shops, performing live demonstrations, or interacting with your target audience to attract and qualify leads.

Digital Signage, Custom Kiosks, & Furniture

What better way to gain attention from event attendees to your display booth than with eye-catching and inviting signage?

It’s a traditional marketing method, and it’s an important one because signage is what people see first — and you want your first impressions to count.

Interactive touch screens (such as customized games), custom kiosks where people can learn more about your product, LCD video walls, even responsive lighting within your booth are all striking techniques to pull in visitors.

With the magic of brand ambassadors, experimental marketing, and impressive digital hardware, your tradeshow display booth will surely be the epicentre of activity at your upcoming industry event.