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Here’s what Board Portal Technology Can Do for You

Here’s what Board Portal Technology Can Do for You

Sometimes new technology leads to real transformative change that decimates some industries and creates new ones altogether. But sometimes, flying relatively under the radar is a technology that quietly but fundamentally alters the way institutions conduct their operations.

It’s not an understatement to include board portal technology in this category. Here are some of the main features that have made board portal technology so important to Crown agencies, credit unions and financial institutions, and public and private companies all over North America.

Centralized Communications

Board portal software simplifies communications for your organization’s top decision-makers in a few ways.

This cloud-based software makes it possible for all the communication to take place in one centralized location, no matter what device each director uses. This means that they are free to access the app using a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, and can engage freely with any other director who uses another device.

This also puts an end to scrolling back through old text chats or emails, trying to dig up old communication. Now, it’s all in one place. These apps are proof that North American boards technology are improving all the time, and are way more comprehensive than just providing chat groups or messaging functions.

Board portal software makes it easy for full digital collaboration — directors in a different geographical area can easily and instantly share and annotate important documents.

If a director makes any change to a document, it appears on everybody’s version, no matter what device they’re on. Everyone will also be notified via email immediately, which saves time alerting people to the change. For example, if a document is altered shortly before a meeting, no time is wasted catching everybody up. They already know. Board portal technology enables your top people to communicate effectively, in less time.

Portable Communications Made Easy

These apps are specifically designed to make full functionality easy to achieve on any device. A mouse or full keyboard is not necessary to use all the features. Directors can simply use intuitive drag-and-drop polls to learn what colleagues think about important issues quickly, as well as different tap commands already used every day on the popular mobile devices.

Board portal technology brings the modern era to your meetings —you’ll no longer need to courier reams of paper.

Robust Security

Given all the high-profile political parties and corporations getting hacked, the concern for security is understandable. Board portal software takes security seriously, and keeps you protected on a few levels.

Board portal software is highly encrypted, and all industry leaders make sure that their servers adhere to independent, third-party security certification requirements. Plus, each individual log in is authenticated, so the software knows every time somebody signs in, and who they are. Signing in is always seamless and secure.

The cloud-based app can be wiped remotely of all data if a company-issued phone gets into the wrong hands, preventing a security breach. If a director becomes separated from their device and needs access to important information, they can simply log in from any other smartphone, tablet or computer. There will always be continual access to the information your board of directors needs.

Board portal technology is the digital solution for all the communication and security needs that Crown agencies, corporations and credit unions have. That’s why this software has become so popular among countless organizations across North America.