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Best Gadgets for Digital Nomads

Best Gadgets for Digital Nomads

As the internet has become more advanced and working remotely is becoming more plausible for young professionals, more people are eschewing the traditional, 9-5 career path and blazing their own trail.

The rise in digital nomadism should come as no surprise, as it offers a sort of freedom that traditional jobs simply can’t match—digital nomads have the freedom to work from anywhere anytime that suits their whims.

However, while it does offer certain freedoms, including the opportunity to work from anywhere and explore the world, it also means digital nomads require certain things others might not—an important one being an internet connection; they can’t work without one.

However, there are some other gadgets as well that could help make digital nomads’ lives easier. Below is a list of said gadgets.


Similar to an internet connection, a digital nomad simply can’t function without a laptop—while it’s plausible for them to be able to work on public computers at internet cafes and libraries—it’s much more practical to own their own device, particularly if they’re going to be working on projects with sensitive material.

The best laptops for digital nomads will vary depending on the type of work they’re doing, but there are some constants that will benefit every type of industry.

Battery life is incredibly important—especially for digital nomads truly embracing the freedom the career offers and living in the remote corners of the world; when it’s difficult to find an outlet, it’s vital that the laptop you’re using has a good battery life.

Durability can also be important, especially for those working in crowded spaces or places such as internet cafes—you don’t want a spilled coffee to put you out of work.

Power Banks

As previously stated, the work that digital nomads are doing is all done online through the use of their devices—which means if their devices can’t hold a charge, it’s going to be much more difficult to actually get their work done.

Outlets can be hard to come by, particularly for those living in the wilderness, or sharing workspaces with multiple people.

Power banks can function as a lifeline for digital nomads with devices that have a tendency to die quickly—whether that’s due to age, or constant use. Power banks can often charge multiple devices multiple times and can be a huge life save.

However, it’s important to note that certain power banks—ones that have more than 100 watt hours per battery can’t be taken on certain airplanes.


Sure, anyone can get a simple backpack at nearly any superstore that will store your belongings, but if you’re going to be traveling the world and working from remote locations, it would make sense to get a backpack that provides more functionality than just carrying your stuff.

For example, there are some backpacks you can get that have solar panels attached you can use to charge your devices such as a phone—this can become invaluable if you are working remotely and don’t often have access to charging outlets.

Or what about a backpack that has anti-theft technology—something that is incredibly valuable when working in shared workspaces with multiple people.

Best of all, there are some backpacks that provide both!