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Let Spring Cleaning Keep Your Home Safer

Let Spring Cleaning Keep Your Home Safer

It’s that time of season where we can feel the presence of Spring around the corner, as days begin to feel brighter and temperatures begin to pick up. Many people enjoy the tradition of Spring cleaning, where we freshen up our homes by throwing out stuff we’ve been hoarding.

Beyond just dusting your home and tossing old belongings into the trash bin, you can get that Spring time feeling while also eliminating the risk of identity fraud in your home by calling in professional shredders.

Read on to learn more about the convenient and secure services pro shredders offer.

Mobile Home Shredding

If you hire Absolute Destruction to come by with their mobile shredding truck, you can have any papers containing sensitive information eliminated securely by professional shredders without even having to lift a finger. They can shred the papers right in front of your home or office, so there’s no possible chance for a single page to get lost in transit.

In the course of being an ordinary citizen, everybody accumulates paper documents that could be used by an identity thief to steal from them or for blackmail. Some examples include:

  • Tax information
  • Banking records
  • Papers containing passwords
  • Old contracts

For smaller batches of paper documents to shred, the mobile truck can come right to your door. For larger batches, a truck will securely collect the documents and bring them back to the company’s facility where they’ll be eliminated.

If you have old papers you no longer need in your life that are just sitting around the home collecting dust, get them professionally shredded with secure and convenient mobile services.

Secure Electronic Destruction

This is a modern era full of advanced technology, and paper is not the only thing storing sensitive information. You may have old electronics sitting around the home storing information that would be very handy to somebody trying to commit identity theft.

There are some types of electronic devices storing such info you might think of right away, like computers, laptops, tablets, hard drives, USB or flash drives. However, any electronic device storing such info should be professionally shredded, and there are some you may not immediately consider a threat, like the memory card of a printer or photocopier.

Going Green

The best professional shredders don’t only eliminate paper and electronics storing sensitive info, they take pains to recycle it properly. This is especially important with electronics, which may have corrosive components which need to be recycled safely.

Look for an industry leader that helps to keep your home secure from identity thieves, but also one that’s committed to recycling so they help to keep the world safer.

You don’t need to look very far to find yet another story about a security breach in an institution or company that thought it was secure. Make sure that your home remains cleaner this Spring and safe from risks of identity theft by hiring a professional shredder today.