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Make Your Dental Clinic Stand Out With These Marketing Tools

dental marketing tips

If you want to attract new patients and keep the patients you have, marketing your healthcare clinic is essential. And building an effective marketing plan means being strategic about how to introduce patients to the services you offer and get them interested in exploring those services for themselves and their family.

If you want dental marketing advice your clinic can use to stand out this year, these are the three marketing tools you need to start using.

1. Direct Mail

The Internet provides dozens of new ways to reach potential patients and raise awareness about your clinic. But it is easy to get caught up in the social media/web advertising boom and lose sight of the fact that one of the most effective ways to reach patients in your area is still through direct mail and community newsletters.

Did you know that the patient journey begins with awareness, not with research, and the best way to guarantee that you have at least one point of contact with as many potential patients as possible is by mailing a neighborhood newsletter directly to their address, outlining the services your clinic provides.

Direct mail lets you reach 100% of your target audience, and gives you an opportunity to make the pitch for why your clinic is different from others – and is the one to choose.

2. Reputation Management

According to the latest research, online reviews play an increasingly vital role in patients’ decision making around which dental clinic or hospital to visit. This means that if you want to attract new patients, you need to make sure your clinic is regularly reviewed online.

But how do you make sure that these reviews will cast your clinic in a good light? The best way to make sure that online reviews help your business, rather than hurt it, is by using a reputation management tool that will boost the quantity and quality of positive online reviews. It will also keep you in the loop so that you can engage with people by commenting on each post, demonstrating your interest and caring.

3. Social Marketing

There is no question about it: social marketing via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram is an essential part of any healthcare advertising campaign. But it isn’t enough just to use the tools — you need to make sure they are playing a complementary role in your overall marketing strategy.

Social media, when used well, will complement your direct mail newsletters and your reputation management to help you translate clicks into calls. Remember, the point of these marketing tools is to get more patients in the door, so if your current social media strategy isn’t leading to an increase in bookings, you need to re-think your approach.

In the healthcare sector, marketing is all about giving the patient the information they need to make decisions about their own health and convincing them that you are the best provider for them.

The best way to bring in new patients is by showing how you can provide them with the ideal patient experience, and that starts with strategically using dental marketing tools like direct mail, reputation management, and social media to generate awareness, establish trust, and give people the nudge they need to pick up the phone and make an appointment with your dental practice.