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Popular Online Problems That Will Drive Away Customers

Popular Problems That Will Drive Away Customers

As the owner of an online business, you know that getting customers to your page is half the battle. The shopper can browse every single item that you have to offer, add it to their digital cart and click on purchase — and still, they can find a reason to get cold feet and back out of the decision at the last second. There is a reason why people are abandoning their shopping carts at the final step. You could be driving away your customers with one of these mistakes

High Shipping Fees

Customers will balk at high shipping prices. They will stop at the digital check-out, gasp at the price and head somewhere else where the shipping is free and the delivery is fast.

Now, your online store isn’t Amazon. You can’t afford to offer free shipping. It would decimate your budget, especially if you have international customers. The best you can do is use a courier broker to choose from a variety of cheap shipping options. You can browse competitive costs on international shipping and domestic deliveries from a long list of trusted courier companies guaranteed to get the package safely to the customer.

You may not be able to eliminate the costs, but you can make them enticingly low.

Bad Images

Bad images are one of the most common ecommerce problems that will bother customers and urge them to look elsewhere for similar merchandise. If it seems like the business isn’t putting enough effort into displaying their inventory, buyers will wonder if it’s a wise decision to make the purchase. They will worry about getting scammed.

How to post images properly:

  • Every image should be clear, focused and well-lit
  • Each item should have multiple shots
  • Add shots of different angles and aspects
  • Add shots of every available colour or design
  • Add shots that demonstrate the size of the item

No Reviews

Photographs and specs of your merchandise aren’t enough. Customers need to see that previous buyers were happy with the products, the services and the delivery. Allow users to upload reviews onto your website. Actively collect reviews from other forums like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. 

Don’t be too worried about including a few negative reviews in the mix. Showing bad reviews can work in your favour because it proves that your business is authentic — customers may suspect that you’re buying or falsifying reviews to boost your popularity, reputation and profits.

If you want, you can upload bad reviews that you find funny. The method lets your customers know that there are complaints, but they’re not too bad when you think about them. For instance, there are plenty of Trip Advisor reviews from tourists who weren’t satisfied with experiences for ridiculous reasons like churches being too quiet and parks not being green enough during the winter.

You can’t please every customer that browses your website. Some people will abandon their carts because they’ve had a change of heart. All you can do is make sure your website isn’t sabotaging business with high shipping prices and poor presentation.