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Why Your Business Needs an All-in-One Touchscreen Point of Sale System

Business Needs an All-in-One Touchscreen Point of Sale System

Technology has advanced exponentially over the past decade, and there are constantly new ways that it can help you run your business. One way is to utilize the power of a touchscreen by integrating an all-in-one touchscreen point of sale system into your retail business, restaurant, or grocery store. Using a machine like Talech from Swift Payments allows for painless checkout for both your customers and employees.

With a touchscreen POS system that has the latest software installed, you can:

  • Enter orders and check out customers
  • Monitor inventory
  • Manage employee timesheets
  • Create purchase orders
  • Record and review past sales
  • Track customers and do email marketing
  • Manage suppliers
  • Get useful reports and insights

Easy to Use and Learn

Touchscreens are incredibly easy to use because of their intuitiveness – so much so that even a ten-month old can use them without issue. This means that people without experience using computers can easily adjust and use touchscreens, which will make training your employees easy and painless for everyone involved.

The faster your employees learn to use your new POS system, the better they will be at servicing your customers. Touchscreens are also great for customers if you want to implement self-service kiosks, as they are more welcoming to use and less intimidating then your typical mouse, keyboard, and monitor set-up.

Smaller Than Traditional POS Systems

The other great thing about a touchscreen point of sale system is that the size of the device is smaller than your typical PC set-up with a keyboard and mouse. With everything accessible via the monitor you can fit your POS system into smaller spaces and not miss out on any features.

Talech POS touchscreen systems sport a 13-inch touchscreen, credit card reader, receipt printer, cash drawer, barcode scanner, and a customer facing display. You won’t be missing out on anything by losing your out-dated POS system with its large and clunky hardware that takes up tons of space.

Great for Restaurants and Retailers

With a touchscreen point of sale system, you can also use a number of features that are specific to the retail and restaurant industry.


If you own or run a restaurant, your touchscreen POS system has a number of features that enables you to effectively and efficiently manage your restaurant. With a touchscreen POS system you can:

  • Switch to a table layout view
  • Split and merge orders
  • Split cheques by a customer’s location at a table
  • Apply automatic discounts
  • Apply automatic gratuity and tip adjustment
  • Implement coursing


Retail stores rely on fast POS systems in order to help them manage customer transactions and they provide:

  • Real-time inventory tracking
  • Barcode label printing and scanning
  • Invoices and layaways
  • Store credit and refunds

Don’t Get Left Behind

Without the latest technology it can be impossible to stay competitive in your industry. That’s why it’s important to invest in the right hardware and software in order to propel your business towards growth and excellence. When it comes to running your business, your customers should be your number one priority, and the easiest way to make them one is to make your services more accessible with touchscreen technology.