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These Are Some of the Best Fall Food Festivals in Canada

Fall Food Festivals

Fall is an exciting time for foodies in Canada. The temperate climate bears fruit to many terrific food festivals across the country and there’s something for everyone in a nation with a rich gastronomic tapestry. Here are a few food festivals that are worth the visit:

Harvest of the Past

Take a trip to a bygone era in this celebration of Canadian/Ukrainian traditions in Alberta. Enjoy historical activities such as flower and herb drying, feather stripping, grinding of wheat, quilting, wool carding, stoking, and more. Your children will love the horse-drawn wagon rides, petting farm, and face painting activities.

With live music in the background, try tasty Eastern European comfort food such as Kovbasa, a mouth-watering pork sausage that’s made with garlic, salt, and pepper and smoked to perfection, Kapusta, a tasty vegetarian side dish made of mushrooms and cabbage, and Pyrohy, delicious soft dumplings stuffed with savory fillings. September 8.

Niagara Grape & Wine Festival

Visit the picturesque Niagara region for two weeks and have the time of your life. Explore the gorgeous vineyards and delight in delicious culinary experiences. Niagara-on-the-Lake boasts the country’s finest wines and most talented chefs. Some of the highly-rated restaurants in the region include Italian, German, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and Indian. Here, you can pair your meal with the perfect wine.

Enjoy many events including the 68th Annual Meridian Grande Parade, where all of St. Catharines comes out to party. Giving color to the parade will be floats and hundreds of entertainers, including acrobats, musicians, and dancers. September 14-29.

Toronto Garlic Festival

Every year Ontario farmers celebrate the province’s garlic harvest at the Toronto Garlic Festival. Here, fresh garlic is sold by local producers, while delectable garlic-themed dishes are sold by local chefs. It’s advisable to come armed with a few sticks of gum unless you’re going to participate in the garlic breath contest.

At the Toronto Garlic Festival, you can also enjoy live music, film screenings, cooking demos, art workshops, wine, and black garlic beer. Vampires should proceed with caution. September 15.

Prince Edward Island International Shellfish Festival

There are many reasons to visit Charlottetown. The capital of Prince Edward Island, the costal city offers many fine cultural and entertainment events. But one of the finest ones is this vibrant celebration of shellfish cuisine.

Eat delightful seafood such as oysters, mussels, and lobsters in this four-day food festival. And watch some of the most talented chefs from across North America take part in the famous Garland Canada International Chef Challenge. September 19-22.

Les Delices d’Automne

No list about Canadian food festivals can be complete without a mention of Quebec. On its 20th anniversary, this prestigious event will have tastings, demonstrations, conferences, and cooking competitions. Here, you can try world-famous food such as meat pies, crepes, pasta, mussels, pastries, foie gras, duck, churros, sausage, and a variety of alcohol.

Close to the junction of the Saint-Maurice River and the St. Lawrence River, and near downtown Montreal, Les Delices d’Automne should be on every gastronome’s bucket list. October 11-13.

These are some of the best food festivals you can visit this fall. Take the time to experience some of the loveliest parts of Canada. Bon appetit!