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Are Your Bad Habits Ageing Your Skin?

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Society is so concerned with ageing that people are constantly trying to prevent this natural process — but in some cases, their tactics just age skin faster.

If you want to have beautiful radiant skin, it’s best to start taking care of your face by putting an end to your bad habits that are wreaking havoc on your complexion.

You’d be surprised to know how many of your habits are actually causing your face to appear older, faster. The best way to keep your skin looking young and refreshed is to take care of it — and yourself. Keep your body and skin healthy — keep it moisturized, treat it well and don’t be too hard on it.

These are the main bad habits people don’t even realize they have that are ageing their skin:

Over-Washing Your Face

Yes, there is such a thing as washing your face too often. It’s obviously important to wash your face, but it’s important not to overdo it. Over washing your face can dry out your skin and is hard on it. According to Good Housekeeping, keep your face washing to twice a day.

Sleeping With Your Face in Your Pillow

Sleeping on your face can actually give you wrinkles — if you prefer to sleep on your face (we all have our preferences), try opting for a satin or silk pillowcase that will create fewer compression wrinkles and won’t take the moisture out of your face.

The amount of bacteria that can build up on your pillow (especially due to old makeup on your face) is an entirely different story.

Washing Your Face with a Washcloth

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, using a washcloth to wash your face can irritate your skin.

Cloths tend to be rough and hard on your face. This roughness can speed up your ageing process just by causing wear on your face’s sensitive skin. The consensus is, it’s better to wash your face with your fingertips.

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Not Getting Enough Sleep

It’s safe to say that everyone is guilty of this one. Not getting enough sleep increases the speed that your face ages. Not getting the sleep you need can result in wrinkles, dehydrated skin and uneven skin tone. Protect your face – get your beauty sleep (that’s 7 hours a night — make it happen.)

You Drink From a Straw

It sounds ridiculous, but when you drink through a straw, you are actually using your orbicularis oris — the muscle that circles your mouth.

Ronda S. Farah M.D, an assistant professor of dermatology at the University of Minnesota, told Oxygen Magazine that “when you repeat this action, the skin on top of that muscle changes, so you get burrows just like the creases you get in your forehead.”

You heard the doctor, drinking out of a straw can strain your mouth muscles and causes wrinkles. It’s a real thing. Try just drinking from the glass next time — it’s better for the environment and your face!

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Not Moisturizing

If you aren’t in the habit of moisturizing your skin, you’re going to want to start. While there is no sure-fire way to prevent or reduce wrinkles, keeping your face moisturized definitely helps to keep the area hydrated to lessen your chances of wrinkles.

When you don’t keep your eyes moisturized, they get dry and age quicker — this usually manifests as dark circles under your eyes or fine lines.

It’s time to start just taking care of your skin instead of trying all these get-young-fast tactics that don’t work.

The first step towards regaining your youthful glow is taking care of yourself and your skin – keep it hydrated, be cautious of what products you are using, and be aware of how your daily actions are impacting your complexion.