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Are We Too Dependent on Technology?

Too Dependent on Technology

This is the day and age of technology. It has helped and aided us in many ways, making us wonder where we would be without our computers and other forms of technology. Some would say we have become too dependent on computers because it seems like they do everything for us. We tend to forget how things were done “old school” and throughout the years has become less and less appreciated. While appreciating how things used to be done before technology, it’s also good to look at what’s good about computers and what’s not so good about them.

Contributes to Laziness and Lack of Memory

Computers have evolved allowing all of us to do pretty much anything we want, but we don’t stop to think of how we can still do things for ourselves, even if it isn’t so quick and easy. At the push of a button, everything we want and need is right before our eyes, but it also takes away our ability to do things without it because we get so used to clicking buttons and getting things at a faster rate. What happened to going to the library and appreciating the old process of looking through a card catalog before finding the book we want? Watching television and playing video games are children’s first choice these days, instead of going outside to play. Our children are appreciating that less and less which is unhealthy for them, and as parents, you seem to allow it way too much.

You have remotes for almost anything now, and we stop moving around as much. Our bodies were meant to move, and when we stop moving we become unhealthy. Instead of creating that perfect balance of using technology, and still doing things the old fashioned way, this proves that some of us are completely dependent on these things and that is not good.

Even with other forms of technology, such as a cell phone, it prevents us from remembering a simple phone number these days. One of the things you learn as a child is what your phone number is. These days it seems to be a lost art. You stop remembering because, as I already said, technology is doing all the work for us. We have to start remembering things better because it’ll contribute to our mental health as we get older.

Financial Drain

With all the new technology coming out, the new and improved computers, laptops, tablets, cell phones and such causes quite the financial drain that we could prevent if we cool it down a little bit and only get what we need. The temptation to purchase all of these things is quite clear, and it’s understandable why so many of us run out and buy the newest thing. That’s exactly what these companies want us to do. They make their products better and better, all the while raising their prices and making a ton of money because they know that we, the public, will capitalize on it. In the end, what does it prove?

I think it’s okay to have some of these things, but it seems like people take it too far, and becomes even more ridiculous when children and teenagers end up becoming dependent on technology. Instead of going to school and showing off their new crayon set or new sneakers, they’re showing off their new tablet. Doesn’t contribute to childhood discipline, I would say, either.

Despite the many cons concerning computers and other technology there are also plenty of pros that play quite an important role in helping us in ways that we were lacking a long time ago.

Forensic Science

A long time ago many criminals went unpunished because of the lack of technology that now allows investigators to find someone who committed a crime. Finger prints are quickly and easily identifiable, DNA testing has advanced dramatically allowing criminals to be prosecuted, and also allowing those who were innocent to go free. Many other forms of technology have truly helped with capturing someone who committed a crime, even when there was nothing left at the crime scene or witnesses to indicate who the culprit is. This is one of the good ways in which technology has come a long way.


Technology has also contributed to helping people get their education more easily as well. With the use of online college courses, and the many websites making it easier to do school work, it’s a little less discouraging trying to balance school with a busy work schedule.

Telecommuting Employment

Many parents, especially women, have resorted to staying home and taking care of their children instead becoming career women. With being able to work online, you can set your own schedule, make extra money, and have more time with your family all while doing something that’s meaningful. Another great benefit of computers and technology.

Technology, as a whole, has many more pros and cons to consider. Overall many of us have become too dependent. The key is, like with everything else in life, is finding the perfect balance. Think for yourself, remember phone numbers, go to the library once in awhile, read a book instead of using a tablet sometimes, go outside to play instead of watching tv and playing video games, and continue appreciating old school ways while taking advantage of the things we can do today. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with using technology as long as it’s not being overused in everyone’s life. Dependence on anything at any level isn’t good, so the key word here….is balance.