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Experience the Beauty of Reclaimed Wood Furniture

custom wood furniture

Handcrafted furniture has a uniqueness and personality all its own. There’s nothing quite like a handcrafted wardrobe, bedroom set, or china cabinet that’s been created out of sheer dedication to craftsmanship, skill, and an eye for beauty. Handcrafted furniture created from reclaimed wood makes a bold statement in your home due to its awesome beauty and unparalleled style.

What is Reclaimed Wood?

People who have never experienced reclaimed wood might be inclined to think of poor quality and inexpensive wood from a recycling plant, but the materials for reclaimed wood furniture are actually derived from only the most valuable sources. Wood that’s salvaged for handcrafted furniture can come from a variety of sources such as old warehouses, boxcars, wine barrels, coal mines, and barns.

What makes reclaimed wood so valuable, and sought after, is its rich character and history. Reclaimed wood or antique lumber, as it is sometimes called, makes the finest choice for home decoration and architectural details. Reclaimed wood is often expensive because it takes great effort to harvest, ship, and process for use in furniture – but nothing matches its durability, look, and style, and you can go online and see what Woodcraft has to offer for some excellent examples of just how great a handcrafted piece of furniture made of reclaimed wood can look.

Why Choose Handcrafted Reclaimed Wood Furniture? 

custom wood furniture

Besides its pure aesthetic beauty and rustic charm, one of the top reasons that people opt to choose furniture made from reclaimed wood is that it’s environmentally friendly. Much of the wood used for building and creating furniture from many years ago came from slow-growing trees like pine trees which take hundreds of years to mature – as opposed to fast-growing trees from farms that don’t support an ecosystem. By using reclaimed wood, you can reduce the number of trees being cut down for new lumber.

The greatest reason to choose reclaimed wood furniture is the look, feel, and character of the wood itself, and this is because it’s often made from kinds of wood that are rarely used in furniture production today, or simply not available otherwise. Like a fingerprint, each type of reclaimed wood has a unique quality all its own.

Where to Buy Handcrafted, Reclaimed Wood Furniture? 

Reclaimed wood furniture that’s created by skilled and talented artisans is not easy to come by. When looking for a company that specializes in unique, handcrafted furniture, make sure to ask if they use reclaimed wood. Try an internet search for reliable and proven furniture companies that have experience and a long history in handcrafted furniture design and craftsmanship.

If you know someone who has wood floors, a staircase, or furniture made from reclaimed wood, ask them where they made their purchase. You may have to choose a company outside the United States to find the style of craftsmanship that you desire, but when you do your search will have been worth the effort.
When you’re picking out a bedroom set for your home, why not make it one that you and your family can cherish for generations? Any piece of furniture that’s custom-made and one-of-a-kind will have an appeal that’s unmatched by anything you could find in a department store – that’s the level of quality you get with handcrafted, reclaimed wood furniture.