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Here Are 5 Great Fall Design Tips for Your Home

fall decor tips

You’ll be tempted to change your interior and exterior décor from bright summer colors to softer tones when fall approaches. Although most people wait until September or October, some begin as soon as late August. But there’s no set time. Start when the temperature gets cooler and the leaves start to change color and drop. Here are five design tips to help you in fall:

#1 Think About How Fall Makes You Feel

If you’re confused about how to decorate for fall, then think about how the season makes you feel. Fall is a time of cooler breezes, warmer colors, delicious pumpkin pies, and spicy pumpkin soup. Make your home feel just as warm and inviting by taking color cues from the season.

Use yellow colors to encourage happiness and good mood. Add some orange for joy, creativity, enthusiasm, encouragement, and sexuality. And throw in a dash of red for a little spiciness. Red is the color of love, passion, optimism, and vitality. When the weather is chillier, the color will emit some heat in your living space.

#2 Be Festive

Don’t be afraid to show your enthusiasm for fall. You can try a festive banner on your mantel. Add wall signs and small gourds, pumpkins and apples. Hang grapevine wreaths on your picture frames. Don’t forget to use candles of varying sizes. A few pinecones and pomegranates will add joy to your candle landscape.

 #3 Go Natural

When decorating outside go natural. Try burlaps and leaf warps to dress up the pillars on your entryway. You can lineup your walkway with pumpkins, leaves, squashes, luffas, and melons. Mix it up. Use a variety of colors and sizes for a natural look.

Add some hay bales to change the dimensions of your setting. Try unconventional options such as cabbage and kale, to add some vibrant natural tones. Place an old wooden chest or two and a metal watering can to complete the look.

Consider placing a small wagon or wheelbarrow near your door. You can find an old one at a garage sale. Paint it red, orange, or yellow, and fill it with colorful flowers or gourds. You may consider hanging a few colorful dried corn cobs together off the wagon. The cob arrangement will also look good on your porch railing.

#4 Have a Focal Point

Have a few focal points outdoors. Consider tying up several cornstalks with some bale and leaning them against the wall. You can also do the same with a step ladder. Decorate it with colorful plants and pumpkins. Tall blood candles can also add height to your exterior décor.

#5 Do the Unexpected

Although most of your decorations should be colored orange, red, and yellow, you can be bold by adding an unexpected color. A solitary white pumpkin in your pumpkin patch, a rustic chair on your porch, or a single green piece in your cushion arrangement can be a daring statement.

You may also try painting a pumpkin with some unusual colors like purple or blue. If you’re skilled with the paintbrush, then try painting the pumpkin a checkered pattern.

These five tips can help you transform the look of your home in fall. Try to find a balance between complementing the colors of the season and using experimental hues to break the mold. Most importantly, have fun!