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The Gluten Free Lifestyle

gluten free tips

I do not have Celiac disease which is the most common reason people switch to a Gluten Free diet. I do have stomach issues that have gone unexplained by my doctor. I decided to do some research and found that a gluten free diet may be helpful. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley and rye. You guessed it – bread, pasta, crumbs of any sort and beer to name a few products contain gluten. I thought that it would be impossible to give these things up. It has actually been quite easy! I just had to get creative.

I have discovered that portabella mushrooms make excellent ‘buns’. I grill them and eat them with a hamburger. I also bake them and top them with a tomato and some garlic. I use eggplant the same way. I never ate eggplant before moving to this way of life and it is now a go-to food. I can bake it with almost any topping and it is wonderful!

I would laugh every time someone would mention flax. I know, I know – it is a power food. I don’t know if I could live without it now. I make ‘bread’ with flax, eggs, olive oil and a bunch of spices when I am craving bread. Flax has many benefits including Omega 3’s. I have been diagnosed with Chronic Dry Eye. I was told that Omega 3’s would help and tried taking the supplements. My stomach was not pleased! Since I have added flax to my diet, I rarely use rewetting drops! You can add ground flax to almost anything. It is has a slight nutty flavor but I don’t even notice it. The dietary fiber and protein will keep you full and you will reap the benefits of phytochemicals and anti-oxidants as well!

I have been having so much fun finding recipes on-line and my family loves it. I’ve looked at store bought alternatives but I’ve found some products that are not so healthy. The store is packed with gluten-free products. Not all gluten free products are healthy. Some of these products use fat and sweeteners to enhance the flavor. I avoid these as best I can and stick to the healthy stuff.

Gluten Free has become more and more mainstream – restaurants are starting to offer gluten free products. Pizza Fusion has a gluten free pizza that is to die for!