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Tips for a Perfect June Wedding

Tips for a Perfect June Wedding

June is traditionally known as the month to get married. While it definitely has something to do with the good weather, blossoming flowers, and singing birds, the tradition of June being a time for weddings actually dates back to the Romans. According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, “June” is an adaptation of the name Juno, the Roman goddess of love and marriage, so Romans would get married during this month in order to receive her blessing.

To this day, June weddings are a long-standing tradition, and many women are eager to be able to call themselves a June Bride. But what exactly makes a good June Wedding? What kind of elements should you plan out in order to truly capture the spirit of June? Keep reading to find out.

Colourful Eats and Treats

When planning any special occasion be sure that you’re hiring yourself a caterer. They’ll be able to design a perfect wedding menu for you so your wedding guests can enjoy a delicious meal made from locally sourced ingredients. An experienced wedding caterer might recommend fruity and light dishes to compliment the season.

And with the summer solstice in late June, you can celebrate the sun with yellow or orange-coloured foods like lemons, oranges, squash, corn, and grains like pumpernickel bread. The summer solstice was also traditionally celebrated around a large fire, so you can take some inspiration from that by adding grilled items to your menu.

With these ideas to start, your wedding caterer should be able to handle the rest – they can do the research for you to create a menu that is fresh, local, and inspired by June.

Coordinate Your Food and Theme

If you’ve been inspired by the warm yellows and oranges of your menu, then consider incorporating those colours into your overall wedding theme. Yellow is a gorgeous colour to compliment June because it invokes the idea of blossoming flowers like daffodils, lilies, and daisies. Roses are another classic choice for June weddings, and a combination of white and yellow roses is elegant as well as bright choice to compliment the sun.

You can also capture the beauty of the sun by using crystal accents here and there. For instance, you can add beautiful crystals in the bottom of a clear vase with white and yellow flowers. Another idea is to hang crystal garland over an arch where you say your vows. You can even just use the garland elsewhere as accents, like hanging them off of candlesticks or draping over your head table.

Hire a Professional

With all these ideas swarming in your head it might be difficult to lock down a vision. That’s why hiring a professional, like a caterer or wedding planner, can be a huge help, especially during such a huge time of stress. If you want to truly enjoy your wedding and plan the perfect June wedding, then hiring someone with experience is the smartest thing you can do when planning your wedding.