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How the Right Data Center Software Can Actually Boost Sales

How the Right Data Center Software Can Actually Boost Sales

Data centers contain the most complex information and technology in the world. However, a data center’s sales/ customer service staff can have their jobs boiled down to 3 basic goals:

  1. Find the most qualified leads for your offering
  2. Convey the data center’s value proposition in a way that makes the business case clear
  3. Onboard the client in an efficient and frictionless way

The right sales software for data centers can make all of those goals more reachable, while making the sales process as efficient as possible. This also leads to shorter sales cycles and more closed deals.

Here is a deeper dive into how it helps each part of your team.

Channel Managers

The key challenges facing today’s channel managers are essentially:

  • Making their offering as easy to buy as possible
  • Gaining visibility into the channel and performance metrics
  • Qualifying that the offering is a good fit with the lead/client

The right software solution makes it easy for your sales partners to sell your services, while they’re able to handle more quote requests in less time than ever before.

Sales Representatives and Managers

The plight of the modern sales rep is fundamentally the same in all sectors, whether you’re selling for a data center or a car dealership. You want to spend all of your time selling, and less time doing literally anything that takes you away from that.

You also want the tools and materials required to quickly and completely communicate your offer’s value to prospects. The right software helps sales reps spend less time quoting and more time selling. They’re able to do things more efficiently than ever before, as they can now:

  • Search your company’s facilities
  • Filter their searches by specs and available service providers
  • Create and revise detailed quotes in a few seconds

This leads to a new level of efficiency and your sales staff feels like they have the tools they need to succeed, as well as the time to do it.

You need to give them the ability to manage pricing templates that dynamically adjust based on project requirements and available data centers to reach your qualified leads/ real prospects. Help them to send a higher volume (and higher quality) of quotes, which almost always leads to more closed deals.

At the same time, a proper tool in place means your sales ops team can ensure more of your time and efforts are focused on your most qualified leads, with far fewer resources squandered on time-wasting top-of funnel prospects.

Like any software solution or SaaS, success is measured in an overall reduction in friction and full-on barriers. Data center software can reduce any issues that your sales team has traditionally encountered, as well as any of the barriers that get between them and revenue generating activities.

Meanwhile, your new customers will experience a frictionless onboarding process, which means they’re seeing an immediate time-to-value from your offering. This leads to happy customers and case studies that showcase your amazing onboarding process to the next wave of qualified sales prospects.