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Six Things to Love About the New DualSense PS5 Controller

Six Things to Love About the New DualSense PS5 Controller

The highly anticipated new DualSense PS5 controller is set to release before the Christmas season, between October and December, and details about its features are out.

This next generation DualSense console to use with PlayStation 5 will have a tried and true feature from DualShock 4 you’ll be glad was kept, while there are other features that are totally new and an upgrade.

Here are some features that you will make you impatient to get one:

1. The DualSense Controller has a Gaming Headset Compatible Audio Jack

Sony had published official pictures of the controller, and the audio jack wasn’t visible. This concerned a lot of people, because it is one of the most popular features of DualSense’s predecessor, DualShock 4.

The audio jack lets players plug a compatible gaming headset into their controller, so they don’t need to have a wireless one, or sit too close to the TV to plug it into the console itself.

Hopefully players can keep using their own gaming headsets with this new console and gamepad. This means that players will be able to be immersed in the PS5s Tempest 3D audio without buying a new headset or adapter.

3D audio should work on all audio devices, but that isn’t confirmed yet, but players will still be able to plug in headsets.

An audio jack isn’t a given. The original Xbox One didn’t include an audio jack, so players had to buy an adapter to use their own gaming headsets.

2. The DualSense Controller Improves on Rumble Technology with Haptic Feedback

Rumble technology strongly vibrates the controller during specific in-game events. Haptic feedback simulates touch, so it will have vibrations or movements that replicate the real-life experience of touch. This makes for a better immersive experience for the player.

3. The DualSense Controller has Adaptive Triggers

Adaptive triggers are incorporated into the trigger buttons L2 and R2. These will allow developers to program the resistance of the triggers so that actions are simulated with more accuracy.

4. There will be a Create Button

Instead of a Share button, there will be a Create button. This create button will do what the Share button did, and more.

Players will be able to share, like before, but any details about the extra function of the Create button will have to wait until closer to launch.

5. A Built-In Microphone will be Included

There will be a built-in microphone, so that players will be able to talk to their friends online without using a gamepad. Sony will still support those who still want a gamepad, as well.

6. The New Colors and Look Reflect a New Generation of Controller

The DualSense controller has a clean, futuristic look. It is mainly white, with black elements, such as the shoulder buttons and analog sticks. If the past is any indication, Sony will produce more colors after the release.

The new DualSense PS5 Controller is coming soon, so not much longer to wait!