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Ideas to Make Family Time Fun

Activities to Make Family Time More Fun for Everyone

We can get so busy trying to provide for our families that we end up spending less time with them. Being together helps family members to bond, and feel a sense of belonging. The support you get from your family can increase confidence and reduce stress.

Time with family is precious, so here are 15 ideas and activities to have family fun and spend quality time together:

1. Go for a Walk

Set a pace that everyone can walk comfortably, and enjoy the sights and exercise.

2. Go on a Scavenger Hunt

Have a list of items, like pretty rocks, an oak leaf, and other things that the kids will find easily, but will still have the thrill of the hunt.

3. Have Ice Cream for Breakfast

You can’t do this every day, but you can make it a special treat to start your day.

4. Celebrate the Day

Every single day has something to celebrate. There’s “Tell a Fairy Tale Day”, “Something on a Stick Day”, “Take a Chance Day”, and, alas, “Eat Your Vegetables Day”. There are calendars online with all of the different celebrations for every day. That’s 365 ideas!

5. Throw a Family Party

With these family only parties, you select an event theme, like the Oscars or Super Bowl. Then, you choose the foods you want to prepare and what special outfit you want to wear.

6. Family Book Club

Choose a book that is suitable for everyone. Take turns reading the chapters aloud, and have a discussion about what you have read at dinner.

7. Family Blog

Start a family blog that can be updated by every member, so that your blog will have all your different perspectives.

8. YouTube Video Fun

Watch a YouTube video and re-enact it.

9. Make Cards

Make up cards for the mailman or bus driver, or anyone you appreciate.

10. Alphabet Party

Every letter gets a chance to shine, so that’s 26 different parties you can have. For example, one letter-themed celebration, B could be for a bash, where you wear a bathing suit and eat blueberries. The possibilities are endless. Good luck with X!

11. Visit a Family Member’s Grave

You could visit the grave and tell stories about them and leave flowers.

12. Do Some Baking

Use up ripe bananas and make banana bread, or make cookies with ingredients you have on hand.

13. The Chore Challenge

Assign chores and set the clock! Who can get their chores done the fastest? There are rules, of course. It doesn’t count if you are the fastest at unloading the dishwasher if you break something or put it back in the wrong place.

14. Have a Picnic

You can take a picnic to the park, or even have a picnic on the floor of the house if the weather is bad.

15. Say I Love You to Each Other Every Day

This is a must!

These are ideas you can use or even modify to suit your family, because you know your family better than anyone.