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5 Signs that You Require Denture Repairs

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For many people, dentures are essential. Not only do they provide you with better functionality when eating, but they can also improve your appearance, depending on your circumstances. While dentures can offer enormous benefits, they also require some maintenance. For example, you must clean your dentures to ensure good oral health, particularly when maintaining healthy gums.

It would also help if you remained vigilant of any need for repairs. While repairing your dentures is usually quick and easy, it can become more of a problem if you ignore the signs that you need repairs. In light of this necessity, here are a few things you should look for if you suspect your dentures need to be repaired.

Cracks or Chips

Cracking or chips out of your dentures might seem easy to see, but it doesn’t always occur in the most visible areas. Your dentures might crack or chip for several reasons, including regular wear, contact with certain foods or being dropped or handled carelessly. If you suspect you have chips or cracks in your dentures, it is time to visit your denture specialist for repairs.

Poor Fitting

While initially, it may take some time for you to adjust to the feel of new dentures, they should eventually feel natural and appropriate in your mouth. If you never get used to your dentures or find that they no longer feel comfortable or become loose after some time, the most likely reason is that you require an adjustment for your fitting.

It isn’t uncommon for dentures to require adjustments over time, so you should try to find a specialist, where you can get adjustments later on for no additional cost.

Discolouration or Stains

Nobody wants a smile that shows off unsightly discolouration or stains. In the case of your dentures, discolouration could be a sign of a most significant issue, so you should visit your denture clinic to check if you need repairs. You can also get your dentures cleaned by a professional in case you have no problems other than staining.

Problems with Your Ability to Chew or Eat

Your dentures should enable you to eat more easily than before, not become a debilitation to your eating. If you experience any problems with eating or chewing, it is a likely sign that something is off. In this case, you’ll want to get checked to see if your dentures require repair.

Pain or Any Other Form of Discomfort

As in the case of assisting in your ability to eat, your dentures should not cause you to feel any pain. They also should not cause any kind of discomfort beyond your initial adjustment period. If you are feeling either of these signs, you should book an appointment to inquire about a repair.

Regaining your ability to chew food comfortably is a wonderful benefit, which should never come at the cost of pain or discomfort. If you are experiencing any of these issues with your dentures, consult an expert at your denture clinic immediately.