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10 Tips for a Greener Lifestyle

Greener Lifestyle

Green seems the way to go these days and green living can be accomplished by making simple changes at home and in your lifestyle. We hear all the time about recycling and reusing, yet sometimes it is difficult trying to decide where to start on the mass undertaking. There are simple and easy changes that can be made for a greener lifestyle and a great start is by following the 10 tips.

Use the Public Library-The public library is free to use and not only are there typically thousands of books to choose from but many of the public libraries also let patrons check out CDs, DVDs, board games, video games and much more. The public library is an excellent way to reuse items and it is a very easy step to green living.

Insulate Water Tank-The water tank in the home is a source of tremendous heat loss. Home improvement stores sell water tank insulators which are a great investment as they can save in the long run on heating costs. I chose not to purchase a store bought insulator but instead just wrapped my water tank with insulation sheets and then wrapped a few lengths of electrical tape around the insulation so it was snug again the water heater. It has been on for a few years and it has worked great so far!

Walk or Bike-I know this may not always be an option especially if you live in area that is seasonably cold but there are probably times when the weather is nice that you could bike or walk to your destination. I am guilty of driving too often when I could take a bike but I just do not feel like riding, this is something that I need to change in my life. The amount of fuel that is used and the carbon gas given off in those short trips around town can be the most wasteful. An excellent route to green living is by using the car less plus walking and biking is great exercise.

Refill or recycle empty printer ink cartridges-Refilling an ink cartridge is little more work but what a great way to reuse an item. If refilling an ink cartridge is not for you then recycle the cartridge, many schools and public facilities collect ink cartridges as a fundraiser method. It is a small but great way to give back to the community plus you are helping out the environment.

Use a Digital Camera-A digital camera as compared to the camera with film is much more efficient as there are less processing and less waste.

Lower the thermostat-Just by lowering the thermostat by 1 degree in your home will save on costs and energy. Lowering the temperature by 1 degree will probably not be noticed by the family, it is a very simple way to green living and it will save you some money too.

Fill the Washing Machine and Dishwasher-Try running the washing machine and dishwasher only at the full loads, this will help with energy costs and also to use less water.

Buy Online-Make purchases online and this will help save on automobile wear and tear, less gas is used and it better for the environment with less cars on the road.

Purchase second hand items-Such places as Goodwill are great places to shop, it is an excellent method to reuse items plus it is a way to help less fortunate individuals with employment opportunities. We have a Goodwill near our home and I really enjoy going to the store and finding unusual and very reasonably priced items.

Use Low-Energy light bulbs-Switching light bulbs to low-energy bulbs is a very easy way to save energy and money. Light bulbs are one of the best ways to green living in your home.

Try to make green living a fun project, looking for small and easy ways to recycle, reuse and save energy can be accomplished by making simple changes or taking small steps in your home or lifestyle.