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Celebrate Spring with These Outdoor Activities

spring activities

We made it. We got through another winter and now it’s finally spring and we can look forward to more daylight, warmer weather, no more snow, plenty of time outdoors, and, of course, no more snow. We can say goodbye (for now) to chilly winter weather and start to prepare for a fantastic season of patio weather, fresh air, and much-needed time outdoors appreciating nature.

Now that the seasons are changing, it’s time to get your spring clothes ready so you’re prepared for whatever Mother Nature will throw your way. While we’re all excited about how warm it’s going to get, the truth is that spring is anything if not an unpredictable season. In order to be ready for anything, you need to have light, breathable, but insulating layers that you can wear in a variety of different climates.

If you haven’t already, make sure your closet has some thermal base layers for keeping warm on those days when the wind is nippy and the rain is cold. Thin, ultra-lite heat insulating socks promise warmth and comfort without the same intense insulation that you need when it’s full winter.

You should also have a reliable windbreaker jacket that is water repellant, a trusty baseball hat for blocking out the sun and the rain, good sneakers for outdoor activities, and thin base layers of thermal clothing to wear underneath t-shirts, sweaters, and pants. Ready to get outside? Here are just a few of the many things that you can do when you go out and enjoy the best of what the spring has in store.

Flying a Kite

What could be more wholesome and peaceful than flying a kite? While you can’t necessarily have an enjoyable experience that comes with flying a kite if you try flying one during the night, a brightly-coloured kite can fill you with a sense of nostalgia. People will also be drawn to your kite and you just might end up making some kite-appreciating friends at the park.

Visit the Farmer’s Market

If you’re a Sunday morning farmer’s market veteran then you know how important it is to arrive early in order to get the best, freshest goods. Since it’s typically a little chilly during the spring mornings, you’ll probably want to layer up or even slip into a pair of extra light thermal socks.

Get Gardening

If you don’t have a green thumb, then make this the year that you finally get one. Gardening is peaceful, therapeutic, and it can even be tasty if you end up growing food that you can eat. You can get your daily dose of vitamin D when you spend time outdoors tending to plants, and you can really spruce up your garden with the right, good-looking plants.

Ride Your Bike

If you’re a bike commuter than you’re probably pleased as punch with how the good weather means you can finally get back on your two wheels. Your bike will likely need a tune up and you’ll probably need to prepare for wet roads and trails every now and then, but who cares? It’s finally bike season and you can really enjoy yourself and the spring weather once again!