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Why Travelers Are Obsessed With Merino Wool Clothing

Why Travelers Are Obsessed With Merino Wool Clothing

Merino wool is a truly remarkable material for clothing and equipment for backpacking, hiking, and other activities that will take you through the rugged outdoors. Produced by Merino Sheep, Merino Wool is both lighter and softer compared to traditional sheep wool, and, as a result, it can be worn comfortably for long periods of time.

It’s highly breathable and fairly porous, the qualities of a skin-friendly fabric. Merino Wool is used by hardcore athletes and adrenaline junkies, who value it for its breathability, as well as by travelers, who love it for much the same reason. While the temperature regulation and high breathability of Merino Wool draw these consumers to the material, the fact it doesn’t wrinkle and repels smell helps to draw even greater public interest.

The warmth of Merino Wool is unmatched – while being light may not sound like a benefit in providing warmth, this fabric manages to pull off the seemingly magic act of being both light and warm. Further, other, heavier materials and synthetic fabrics trap sweat on your skin, which leads to stuffy smelly situations, and in cooler temperatures, you’ll begin to feel cold and clammy. One secret of Merino Wool is that the porousness of the material keeps you dry.

Sweat and moisture escape the material, the end result being that you stay warm and dry. On top of that, it also allows more circulation of air. The final result is that Merino Wool provides temperatures that are dry and regulated to your body, making the material perfect for any climate.

Merino Wool has traditionally been used for competitive sports and extreme athletes, so the challenges of hiking and backpacking are well within the pale for it. But recently, avid travelers have wised up to its many benefits, which is why you see travel-focused merino companies producing a t-shirt, pair of underwear or compact travel hoodie to take anywhere in the world, hot or cold.

However, these still aren’t the essential reasons that travelers love Merino Wool. When it comes to packing, Merino Wool is an outright miracle material. The fact that Merino Wool doesn’t wrinkle is a great relief to anyone living out of a travel bag. You’ll look much nicer than if you wore traditional wool, which would retain wrinkles from the trials of traveling and wear.

Furthermore, the porous, breathable nature of Merino Wool means that it doesn’t smell. Sweat is able to be released through the material and evaporate away, which is a life-saving quality when you lack reliable access to a washer and dryer. The fact that Merino Wool doesn’t smell is outright revolutionary when you’re taking a journey off the beaten path. One or two pieces of Merino Wool clothing can do the work of much more clothes, which allows you to save on packing space without compromising hygiene.
For people who love to travel, Merino Wool is a godsend. Comfort and warmth are unmatched in themselves, but the real draw is functionality. The way Merino Wool releases sweat to keep the wearer warm and dry, and the fact that it doesn’t smell make Merino Wool clothing an essential part of any travel bag.