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Review: LG 7.3 Cu. Ft. Sensor Technology Electric Dryer, Model DLE3733

Review LG 7.3 Cu. Ft. Sensor Technology Electric Dryer, Model DLE3733

LG is quickly becoming one of the most trusted manufacturers for all types of products. Whether you are searching for a new television, cell phone and even computer monitor, this company has raised the bar for advanced, yet user-friendly, technologies. However, if you are searching for a new dryer, they may have the dryer of your dreams. The LG 7.3 Cu. Ft. Sensor Technology Electric Dryer, Model: DLE3733 has been outfitted with state-of-the-art drying technologies to provide you with the highest-quality drying experience possible.

Product Rating:

User-Friendliness – 3/5 Stars
Product Features – 4/5 Stars
Product Price – 3/5 Stars
Overall Rating – 4.5/5 Stars

Main Product Features:

In many homes, or apartments, the laundry room is fairly close to gathering areas, such as the kitchen, living room or den. Because of this, it is very important that you have an electric dryer that does not sound like a big-rig truck every time you turn it on. With this LG electric dryer, you will be able to enjoy peace and quiet, even when you are drying your largest load of clothing. This is due to the advanced LoDecibel Quiet System. Within this system, your machine runs at a mild whisper, which is perfect for smaller homes, or laundry rooms that are close to your main living areas. When I heard this dryer running, I was shocked at how quiet it actually was. It was so quiet, that I could see myself forgetting about it running because of the low noise output.

Of course, since this is an LG appliance, it is going to be outfitted with an advanced operating platform. The Sensor Dry System is evidence of this, and within this system, your laundry is controlled by one of the most intelligent dryer sensors on the market. There are sensors within the drying drum that are constantly measuring the dryness levels of your laundry, which will then adjust the time of the drying cycle depending on the moisture level of your clothing. This will ensure that you are never left with clothes that are still wet, or laundry that is over-dried.

The control panel of this electric dryer is extremely simple. I didn’t even have to look at the owners manual to understand how to work the machine. The Dial-A-Cycle control panel, literally lets you dial in your perfect drying cycle. Simply rotate the dial until you are at the drying cycle you want, which is clearly identified through lights, and then move over to your right to choose additional drying options.

Product Price:

When LG first came out with its electric dryer models, they were priced quite high. Thankfully, the prices have slightly come down. You can now purchase this LG electric dryer for an average price of just over $900, which some units being sold online for under $800.