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Solve All Your Charging Woes with a Charging Station

Solve All Your Charging Woes with a Charging Station

See if you can relate to this situation: every plug in the family room is already in use. The closest one is the one in the hall by the floor. In defeat and battery in the red, it’s the only option left, so you plug in your block, cable, and leave your phone on floor. You hope that no one steps on it or you forget where you put it because the cord isn’t long enough for you to use in the other room. When you get back to the family room, everyone else is busy staring at their screens and you are left without a screen to tap.

If that sounds familiar, don’t worry, there’s something that will solve your problem and more. Charging stations like the Pezin & Hulin bamboo charging station holder charge multiple devices at the same time and keep them all organized. Here are some of the benefits of charging stations for your home:

Simultaneous Fast Charging

There’s no more need to search high and low for another available outlet to charge your device. Charging stations are the new extension cables. With a charging station, you can use a multi-port USB charger that only uses one outlet and charge multiple devices at once. The Pezin & Hulin Bamboo charging station is designed to hold up to two 4 USB-port chargers to charge up to 8 devices!

When you and your family need to charge a phone, tablet, or other devices, there’s no more waiting for an available port!

Home Organization

Relying on the various and limited outlets in your home can be frustrating when the only available ones are close to the floor or high on the wall. You might have to leave your expensive device on the floor and risk damage by foot or curious pet. The locations are also so obscure that you might even forget which random outlet you’re using.

Charging stations are designed to neatly hold multiple devices as they charge. All of the devices can stay on the station and be placed in any easily accessible spot in the home.

Aesthetic Choices

There are many different cool gadget charging stations available. You can choose one that works practically and fits in with your décor. The Pezin & Hulin charging station is made of 100% bamboo making it durable for long-term use. But there are colorful plastic ones, metallic ones, and cutely designed for everyone’s different tastes and preferences.

Family Matters

For families, a charging station can help keep the family together on or off the devices. Family members can congregate to the station and charge their items and while they’re waiting, they can either use their devices together in the room or actually spend quality time with each other.

The charging station also helps with limiting screen time. Everyone’s devices are stored and charged in one place, which parents can monitor and ensure their children are distraction-free during homework time, family time, or bedtime. And when time’s up, everyone knows where their device is and can use it fully charged!