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3 Ways To Find Bargains at Car Boot Sales

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Car boot sales are as British as rain, cups of tea and fish and chip shops. If you are looking for bargains at rock bottom prices from sellers who are eager to flog their goods, you have come to the right place! Forget the expensive department shops or the high street and head to your nearest car boot sale.

Here’s how can you find a true bargain at a car boot sale.

Shop Around

No two car boot sales are alike, which is why it is worth visiting as many as you can in your locality. Some are more “up market” than others and charge as much (if not more) for second-hand clothes, bric-a-brac and electronics as you would expect to find in a department shop. But a seasoned car booter will do all they can to please their customers, and that includes pricing items to sell quickly.

I was recently shopping for men’s clothes (which are notoriously hard for me to find!) and I came across a stallholder selling men’s tops for just 5p each. After I had recovered from the shock, I dug around and was able to find what I was looking for. While many stallholders will sell for much more in a bid to at least recoup their stall fee, this particular lady was only concerned with shifting clothes. I picked up a few tops and continued looking around at other stalls to see if I could find some other rock bottom prices. Although I found plenty of other great deals, nothing surpassed my amazing 5p deal!

Do Your Research

Without doing your research, you will likely head home with bags of items that you do not really need simply because they seemed too good of a deal to pass up. Start off by making a list of items you need such as lamps, kitchenware, children’s clothes and garden tools. Then research how much these items are selling for brand new.

When you arrive at a car boot sale, compare prices to see if you are really getting a good deal. Some car boot customers mistakenly think that items they see on sale at a car boot are an automatic good deal, when in actual fact the items are not that much cheaper than they would cost brand new.

Look for Antiques

In years gone past, it was not uncommon to shop at car boot sales and come away with a rare antique that was worth a small fortune. While it is still possible to find such a valuable find for next to nothing, many car boot sellers have wised up to the fact that buyers are looking for an antique. This can make it even harder to find an antique. But by carefully looking through items and eliminating reproductions, you may end up walking away with a priceless antique.

The atmosphere, vibe and friendliness at car boot sales helps make the shopping experience all the more fun and exciting! If you are looking for a true bargain, make sure you shop around, do your research and keep an eye out for a rare antique!